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2003-10-29, 6:20 p.m.

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So, haven't written much lately. Have been busy beading madly, if you check my crafts gallery. Remember how I was bitching the other day about how stuff like a local NaNoWriMo and Church of Craft never happen? Well, there is some interest in Davis (finally) for the novel work. And as for the C of C? I think the C of C here is the crowd at the beading classes. Very amusing gossip and chit-chat sometimes, like one woman who'd been at the same class last year and is still working on beading the same bottle. Anyway, I've learned some great stuff like how to do this and this and how to make earrings and my own wire wrap pendants. I only wish I had more time to make more stuff before I have to spend all my time writing.

Went home for last weekend, which went well. I actually had a little outburst at my parents Friday night for their lack of present liking, and got "I'm sorry!" from Mom. Sadly, she still doesn't have any suggestions as to how to solve the problem :P Plus she called dibs on a bunch of Bill Cosby merchandise I was planning on getting Dad for Christmas. Ack.

A funny moment- we were in Target picking up various things, and Dad wanted to get a whistle. For some reason Mom looks for this in the bike department, and finds bike horns. She LOVES the bike horns, thinks they're the greatest, tells Dad he should get a bike horn. I'm all like, "No. That will drive you batshit. NO." She goes around merrily honking it in Dad's face, thus drawing the attention of...her boss's wife walking by! Followed by her boss! Mom then proceeded to, no joke, honk the horn in her boss's face. (Fortunately, he is used to this sort of thing by now.)

Spent the rest of the weekend doing lots of beading, and had to beg my parents to buy me groceries because after the phone bill from hell, finally having to pay for the candles (long story) and the electric bill because Heather's hours got cut and she's about as broke as I am till payday but at least has credit cards, it's one big ouch. And I still have beading class, going out to lunch for someone's birthday at work (don't think I can get out of it) and a few other expenses due before my paycheck comes.

The aforementioned lack of money is an issue somewhere else as well.

You'd think having Halloween on a Friday this year would be a benefit for someone in a short-distance relationship, but not so much. Given the Sedaris tickets for Nov. 2 and NaNoWriMo starting Nov. 1, I had wanted to kind of stick to staying here unless something REALLY good went on in his town. Plus, Warp 11 is playing at my favorite bar on the 31st.

Then Dave wanted to go to Extreme Halloween again, the concert/club event we went to last year. Okay, fine, at least it's something interesting to do, and hopefully fairly cheap tickets if you buy ahead of time. I did, however, ask that Dave hold some money in reserve from his next check so that he could help pay for the weekend events.

A few days later, he proceeded to out of the blue invite Rachel and Jeremy to get the night off from work and hang around with us...and ahem, they are not legal. This is about where I got annoyed, because if we can't hang out somewhere that is 21 and over, what is there to do? Rachel suggested trick-or-treating, but I don't know if I'd feel safe doing that in that area real late at night. They normally work till 11 p.m. weekends, we could have gone out for a few hours and then picked them up to hang out. But now, uh, no.

I was feeling kinda not so pleased with how things were going- going back and forth a lot in one weekend when I had something to work on when instead of doing something cool we'd probably do a whole lot of nothing much- my whole reason for agreeing to go was to go do something fun instead of hang around their apartment absorbing tobacco or roaming the scary streets.

My final straw, though, was not only checking my bank account and wanting to cry, but THEN having Dave casually announce that he'd paid everyone back that he owed money to for his car and he had very little money left. Oh, and he's not due to get another check until after his birthday or so. "Uh, remember how I asked you to hold some money back for Halloween weekend? That I can't really afford to pay for the two of us to go back and forth for the weekend AND go out and eat and drink?" "Oh SHIT."

I then told him that I was not going to come for Halloween. He said he'd just come to me (he has to anyway at some point this weekend because of the tickets), and I told him he couldn't now that he'd told J&R to get the time off to spend with him for Halloween. That they could just do whatever the hell they were going to do together and he could go see me later, and I'd sit at home or go out or do whatever by myself. Finish up beading work or something useful to make me money.

I suspect I should have stuck with this, but Dave offered to borrow more money from people for the weekend so that I could come without having to come up with the money before I get paid, and it turns out Extreme Halloween does allow the non-legal as long as they stick to the "street party" outside. So I guess I'll go, but I have my doubts somehow about how things will go. Rachel didn't get work off so we won't be going till after 10, I have to find some sort of costume that will keep me warm for hours outside in the cold...whee. Either way, between train tickets for two, show tickets, and food and drink (there's practically no food at anyone's house most of the time there), it's gonna cost me around $100 just to go to this thing instead of staying home. Yes, I'll get paid back eventually,'s still a big ugh. I'm getting tired of always having to pay for everything because I have less major things taking money out of my checks or whatever.

In other annoying news, my ASL class is probably over. The teacher still can't find a substitute and told us we'd have to contact the Experimental College on Monday to see if they found one. (I got the impression that they were also giving him the runaround.) Fifty bucks says (a) no, they didn't, (b) they will be amazingly unforthcoming with this information to the students, and (c) we won't get our money back despite getting 3 out of a promised 8 classes. I'm pretty damn sure on the last one, since they have a big stated policy saying nobody gets a refund unless the course is canceled. (Now here's where the confusion comes in: their policy every year has been that you only get refunds if the class is canceled before it begins, but this quarter's catalog just says canceled. Huh?) Grrr, that was a waste. Then again, they're my only game in town for taking ASL, so... what are you gonna do.

Incidentally, I hate the time change with a passion. Sure, it's nice to, on the first day, feel like you got a longer day, and not wake up in dark, but sunlight being gone by 5 p.m. fucking sucks. Even more annoying is that October is usually a very warm month...until exactly two days before October 31, when it will immediately get frigid. Sure enough, it was 90 on Tuesday and down to the 70's today, with 60's promised for the rest of the week. So much for going as a hula girl for Halloween ANY year...

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