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2020-10-31, 8:04 p.m.

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Cast list as of November 2019

It doesn't feel like Halloween. I walked around the house, ran my lines, and later sat outside with the new laptop to watch a few shows and make a hat for Baby Yoda, which is pretty tricksy.

I paid to see "Crisis on Infinite Teen Dramas," which if you are the level of geek I am, is a combination of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" on the CW/Arrowverse this year, except done with teen dramas. I guess the author made up 4 pages of this on Twitter and then Ben Blacker was all, "LET'S DO IT," so they did. It was, indeed, good. It features various current TV stars playing various teen drama characters (only Taylor Townsend played herself for like 2 minutes, sigh....I was hoping for Kristen Bell!). I must say that Vella Lowell as Veronica Lodge and Melissa Fumero as Lorelai Gilmore and Joey Potter were particularly good at their roles. I don't know who Caroline Ward is, but she is apparently English and can't do an American accent, so the imitations there well. Overall I was quite amused and it was about what I wanted, other than a few actor choices.

"It's The End Of The World As We Know It" played over stills of TV shows.
At one point Archie Andrews goes to Beverly Hills 90210 and runs into Luke Perry and is disturbed.
"No, we're here to write our way out of this."
Taylor, Autumn the only one doing her actual role for a bit. I miss her.
Vella sang "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" on Glee. Ephram: "We will never speak of this again."
There is a Beebo!
The show of course ends with "Don't Stop Believing."
Sadly, the author's dad is on a ventilator with Covid right now. Let's just hope he lives to get to see the show.

I watched The Mandalorian. I didn't type any notes during it, but I enjoyed Timothy Olyphant as a space marshal trying to save a one-horse town from a krait dragon (oh, and I guess he got his Mandalorian armor from some Jawas....who presumably got it off Boba Fett's corpse somehow....?). He is, as ever, charming and adorable. He and Mando team up to go after the dragon, and then end up teaming up with the local Tusken Raiders since Mando apparently speaks their language. Wow. It was all old tropes and I admit I enjoyed every minute of it. Yeah, Baby Yoda had nothing to do with the plot but tag along, but he's still cute as the dickens. "You wanna do this in front of the little one?" "He's seen worse." Hahahahaha.

At 3, I attended a spinning group meeting, since that hasn't gone on in months, and saw some old CC folks and talked about our crafts. Vera had postponed it for a few hours to go be in the 'Zombie Bike Ride," and she had to log in ten minutes late while still lost on her bike to activate the room. She was wearing her "Mexican Marilyn Monroe" gold glitter dress. She also saw some people from Bike City Theatre doing scenes, specifically one with a zombie and a mime. "He would create another wall and the zombie would get frustrated."

At 4:30, I went to watch a play Kelly mentioned to me, "The Karma Buns," about a cranky (former?) movie star lady named Cathy who inherits a house of psychics and has to move in, run the business and let the employees live rent-free. She is unhappy about this and wants to make their lives miserable so that they will leave. On the other hand, the joint makes a lot of money. Anyway, she ends up hanging out with the people--Destiny gets an DNA test done and freaks at the results, Rita's outside naked, and Bobbi's still insisting on being the tea fairy. There's a nice former doctor hanging around the place, and one guy who's into hot yoga and I don't know why he's here other that to pop in once in a while and be sexually creepy. Cathy's career isn't going well, and then she ends up having to fill in for Destiny's sessions... and she also gets romantically interested in the former doctor. Fun play. It ends in someone wanting to turn the House of Karma into a reality show. I like how Destiny was trying to get rid of her right back.

However, I had planned on watching Acme Theater's production of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure at seven and dear lord, the first play was NOT done by seven and the two shows ended up overlapping by a half hour. I had Zoom running on two computers and trying to listen to both shows at once. I am not Shanna and this is difficult! So....well, hopefully I got the details right on the end of one and the start of another?

As for Sherlock: Moriarty is afoot, the King of Bohemia is worried about obviously personal letters between himself and Irene Adler, a former singer. Irene has run off and married someone else, mind you, who turns out to be a con artist and Holmes presumes she's imprisoned.... and then the con artist and his sister are working for Moriarty....

I love that Holmes has a bright orange neon gun and Moriarty has a pink one. Later, Madge has a bright red one. Where did they all shop? I feel bad for saying this of a teenage cast, but whoever's playing Holmes is rather hot in the face. Definitely the attitude I like in a Holmes. The King of Bohemia is amusingly overwrought, and the con artist dude's facial expressions and especially shock is the best. Some actors did better than others, I will politely say, but I liked how the play was written and the mashup of stories went great.

I also paid to watch "Beyond Belief: The Thrilling Adventure Hour" that was online. Frank and Sadie Doyle (they drink all the time and see ghosts) now have a daughter, Sunday, who is clearly a ripoff of Wednesday. "How was school?" "Slow torture. I loved it." I love how Sadie seems to be all "we have a child, riiiiiight????" Uh...... we don't seem to have cookies, or anything kid-related around here.... Then they're visited by the ghost of a dead bartender and a random skeleton. After those are dealt with, we find out that Sunday is some kind of Pinocchio/Blue Fairy situation. The Blue Fairy brings Frank a Scotch and he's happy too!

I wasn't in the mood to do anything Halloween other than watch shows and frankly, I wasn't in the mood to do anything Samhain-y either, which I was reminded of when Jess emailed to wish me a good one (hah). I maintain that holidays literally aren't holidays without other people to celebrate them, so I haven't bothered in quite some time, and the official Mourning Of The Dead holiday is not my favorite, especially since my dad's birthday is tomorrow and I try to forget about that (ironically, Jackie is sending me a cake though....).

(I will note that the neighbor is throwing a party with booming music, multiple people and weird knocking going on....sigh.)

The Karma Bums play also features the "two cup method" in which Cathy writes "dead" on one cup and "star" on another. I did try that out, though.... let's see on that topic.

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