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Watching Stargirl While I Wait

2020-11-15, 7:13 p.m.

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Cast list as of November 2019

I woke up at 5-something a.m., which sucks. I bet I do it tomorrow too.

My therapist has already canceled for today. I said good luck (suspecting something bad happened) and she said, "I need it. I'll send you a picture of Saturday night" and she sent me a picture of the kitchen having been on fire. "Mom baked potatoes." They both had to go to the hospital for observation. Also "I have no coping skills today. Sorry."

Work: I have decided to nickname New Girl "Hope." Anyway, she and I were digging through long lists of spreadsheets and crap and found a ton of problems. She emailed the powers that be about said problems and then we got a snotty response that came across as "Why did you ask this, you should have known better, IT SAYS X" when we were asking about what appears to be very contradictory stuff in the computer. Note that this was not what was said but it sure conveyed that way. We also got another snotty response when my boss had me email someone and then she got weird. Normally these are nice people, but wtf?

Anyway, coulda been worse, I guess.

I talked to Reggie outside for a bit. He wants to buy a house and he's still drinking outside and reading philosophy. He said I look better in the face, so that's nice.

Oh lord, my neighbor on the left is DEFINITELY having a party with multiple voices in there.


We were told that green screens, costumes and props are shipping from Amazon soon and HOPEFULLY arrive before the first tech day on Saturday afternoon. I got to see a sketch of my costume and it looks like a 1950's dress with apron and brown flats. Charlotte appears to have a fancy cape/jacket. The goose and gander are dressed out of the 1800's, complete with parasol and top hat. The chorus is in turtlenecks and jeans. Poor Riley was all "is there anything for lurv durv?" Yes, they just don't know where the sketch is.

Saturday is green screen setup day and "cue to cue," i.e. go through every moment in the show, but not starting until 1:30. They said "bring a book, there will be a lot of waiting on camera." Sunday is still from 10-5 with a lunch break to deal with costumes and then cue to cue again.

Quotes from Paige:
"If you've been looking at me, I don't know why, it's not interesting over here...."
"Maybe the world is ending, I don't know...."
Mac: "Well, Charlotte's Web world isn't ending!"
"If I'm half cyborg by the time I come by, let me know."

Later: "We are going to try a restart for our world class pig." -Sean on Kallie having sound issues. The "sorry we are having technical difficulties" screen came up with a pig and Homer and color bars on it

During rehearsal, I could hear my neighbor on the left's party throwing with loud music and squealing. Is that a good sign? At one point someone was running around in the patio area yelling something incoherent/happy ("Colorado?" I think?). Is that a good sign? This is circa 6:30.

I don't know if I want to look at the results or not. I think I will just read the Metafilter election megathread in order since I am a few hours behind in keeping up with that...

Some mentioned were pig troughs and "a certain amount of straw that Riley will receive.." And a lot of random stuff for Katherine. "Katherine is the land of a thousand props, in case you haven't noticed."
Apparently I am not going to have ANY props even though several are mentioned in the script, which is... confusing. "We're going to have to address it with Sean."
For those of you who don't have props: "Congratulations, you don't want them! Because you have to take care of them and not lose them and eventually give them back."
The dreaded "we'll have to work that on in tech" was said about well, anything else.

I was out by 7:36 p.m.

Now what.....? Watch more Stargirl, I think.

Episode 4: Wildcat: Hey, Yolanda used to actually be happy and run for school office and things like that! Who is this smiley girl? And then, alas, she listens to her boyfriend wanting a sexy pic. NEVER DO THIS, ANYBODY. winces Now her family hates her and everyone hates her since that pic got around. Bleech.

Meanwhile, Courtney is trying to recruit Yolanda (who also boxes) for her new squad. This isn't going well since Yolanda no longer has a phone and is grounded forever.

"I blew up Henry's car.... So the enemy of my enemy is my friend?"..."You wanna see how I blew up his car?"

"Don't MAKE ME put you back in your crate!" Courtney says to her magic stick. Hah.

Yolanda is not loving the costume...until it magically tailors itself somehow?! Wow, that's a superpower. Love it. "What can Wildcat do?" "You're checking Wikipedia?" I love this whole scene. Little Mikey finds the toaster that Yolanda slashed with her claws. Hahahahaha. "Dad?!"

Courtney reasonably points out that if Yolanda is busted again, what else are her parents going to do? Ground her some more and take her phone again?

After Yolanda finds out her ex's dad is a supervillain: "That makes sense."

Yolanda is all "Why am I listening to you?" after she finds out that Courtney's been doing this a week trained her not at all. Then the staff starts smashing shit up....


Random fun fact: Principal Bowen plays the piano for a guy in a coma. Whaaaat? Also, Beth spots Yolanda crawling the walls. Courtney, give her a ride on your staff already.

GOD, YOLANDA'S FAMILY ARE A BUNCH OF DICKS. I bet they throw her out on her 18th birthday and tell her to be a puta on her back. And Courtney left a handwritten note with the suit: "I can't do this alone!" with a little star and a little cat. SO CUTE.

I do not get what is significant about a black cat and an old Woody at the Pick N' Pull?

My neighbor's party continues to escalate with happy screaming. Some dudes just showed up at the back patio door. Whaaaaat? I wish I could be happy for the neighbor having a party instead of thinking "We're all going to die" and "She could spread Covid to me and the entire complex now."

Episode 5: Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite:
"How did I go from staying one night to raising your kid?!" Legit question, Uncle Matt. Nine years later, Uncle Matt is pissy and resentful at parenting. Greaaaaaaaaat. Also, whodiskid? Rick Harris/Tyler, son of Hourman.

Beth totally invites herself over to Courtney's to snoop around. "So this is the room of a superhero. Huh." Then she finds some goggles...Dr. Mid-Nite's, apparently. Beth loves it.

I want to know how Dr. Mid-Nite's glasses know things when it probably hasn't been updated in ten years?

Poor Pat. You try to do something nice and run into a stealing douchebag.

This GIANT DAMN SPIDER on this party house is amazing. Nice use of "Heads Will Roll" for the campus bitch.

"You've been kind of a drag." "MY DAD'S IN THE HOSPITAL." Am I supposed to feel sympathy for Henry Jr here? I'm not sure, but geez, what a douchebag this girl is.

So Hourman's power is that for an hour a day only, he has super strength? WHAT? That's IT? I was expecting some Time Turner stuff. Rick is rightfully not that impressed.
"Congrats. You just made the biggest delinquent in school an unstoppable beast." Yeah, but only for an hour, right?
Poor Rick. "Anger issues" doesn't even begin to cover it. I normally run from "anger issues" guy who wants to hit everything, but this guy just seems brokenhearted.

I seriously want to know what the hell the staff is saying when Courtney talks about her dad. I wonder if the goggles translate?
Meanwhile, Rick punches the tree that killed his parents. And wins.
IT'S THE BLACK VIOLIN!!!!!! .....uh.....?

Episode 6: The Justice Society.

So Artemis is so badass she plays football...and her parents beat up on the coach. Wow. This town.

Hahahaah, the staff literally just crawled itself under her bed.


Mike's plot today: making a giant science fair exhibit out of leftover candy. Big Rock Candy Mountain! Someone is paying this kid for one easy gig. Either he does something later in the season or he disappears is my guess here.

"Don't worry. Nobody ever pays attention to what I'm saying anyway. Except Chuck." Beth has a new best friend!

Uh, no, there is no way in hell they are giving back the stuff. No waaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Courtney, I generally think you're good at this, if impulsive, but no take backs.

Rick very reasonably calls Pat out for "not really doing anything." Teens on this show: smarter than the parents.

Football coach #4. Hoooooo boy. I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHY A LEAGUE OF EVIL VILLIANS IS LIVING IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE VALLEY, NEBRASKA. There better be some like, artifact they are finding or secret power source of SOMETHING for this to have a point, as obviously the football coach murderers are not into living there.

Not gonna lie, chocolate lava is this kid's best plotline so far.

"If Pat asks for your staff back, are you giving it to him? I didn't think so." Damn right.

Waitress just has a totally awkward moment of bringing a birthday cake for...uh, a dead woman.

Rick in the Hourman costume, pouting, just made me laugh and laugh in delight. Rick: "Who comes up with these names?" Beth: "I like them." OF COURSE SHE DOES. I don't know what the fuck Beth's costume is.

I'm amused at the use of "Timber." "The Gambler" has an orange cat named Juniper. "Sportsmaster and Tigress" are Artemis's parents.

Oh, BETH. I give the other three kids points for trying against adults, anyway. ...Never mind, the staff is fine. "Date night's over." Apparently the two badass villains are scared of the Iron Giant. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE STEPDAD.

"So they can keep the costumes?" "Do we have a choice?"

Three hours later, the election is undecided and my neighbors are still partying like it's 2019. I need to go to bed.

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