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2007-11-19, 10:04 a.m.

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I keep meaning to update this thing and forgetting about it.

* Previous month stuff:

Samhain was fine. Pretty uneventful, minimum of crying. Yay. My costume, however, went over like a lead balloon at work. I could rant about that one for a long time, but since it's bad to mention work stuff online any more, I will not. It's a real shame I never have any decent costume parties to go to on Halloween (writing parties, yes, work parties, yes, Samhain now as well, but costumes are not big at any of the above).

* My mental state can be best described by this LOLcat.

I did something a few weeks ago that I am really not proud of. However...I did not have any good options, or indeed any options where the people involved didn't get their feelings hurt. Whee.

* I hate men these days, a lot. Okay, not my married friend guys, or gay guys, or my old roommate. But everyone else is On Notice.

* I am at 45k for NaNo. Thanks to three all-day write-ins in the area, I am way ahead of schedule, even after skipping two days this weekend.

The bad news is that I actually finished my plot, with a "The End" and everything, and uh...I still need to put 5000 words in.


* You know what? I fear editing. I am fine with plunking out words at the first go. I am fine with nitpicking spelling or how a sentence is phrased. That's fine. But full-on, major, soup up your plot, fix the boring characters editing? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA at all how to do that. No wonder I never get anywhere after NaNo.

In NaNo, they always talk about your Inner Editor and how you have to send it on vacation in order to write. Mine just plain doesn't work for's fine with other people, just not me. Ugh.

* I don't want to try to come up with gifts for anyone this year. I find it deeply sad that in the areas that I would be good at gifting people- i.e. weird stuff and crafts- nobody I have to shop for actually wants that stuff at all. And I am distinctly ungood at figuring out what to buy people who just want boring stuff and won't tell me what DVD's they want. (I can't guess, because there are just too many they already have.)

I'd rather skip having anyone give me anything this year if I could just NOT have to figure out what everyone else likes for a change.

* You know what we need? Some kind of shopping gift exchange. By which I mean, some random stranger who is totally conventional has to shop for her Goth/hippie/weirdo niece and doesn't know what to get, would swap with me. I go shopping for her niece, because odds are I can't do worse at picking out a weird gift than Conventional Aunt could, and she goes and buys something for, well, anyone I'm related to. Wouldn't that be nice?

* Actually, NOBODY will tell me what they want, at all, this year, which really ticks me off. And makes me want to say, "Well, don't be surprised when you hate your gift, then." I'd rather not have surprise and just go out and buy whatever DVD if I knew they'd fucking LIKE it.

* I won't be doing Holidailies, which makes me sad. I hate having to drop a tradition. But I will definitely be offline for enough days during the month to throw "daily" utterly out the window. And I don't want to be one of Those People who signs up and posts a bit and then flakes. Sigh.

Vacation plans:

* going to Cambria after Christmas for a few days.
* going to Nevada City/Grass Valley area in mid-December
* going to SF in a few days for Thanksgiving, followed by hitting the craft fairs.

Huzzah! Trips are actually booked and everything so she can't back out! Yay! We do have to do some kind of family dinner on the aforementioned mid-December, though, so...argh, does that mean I have to move up my gift stuff even sooner?

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