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2005-11-30, 9:44 a.m.

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I signed up for Holidailies again this year. I'm not sure WHY exactly, given that my holiday season isn't exactly going to be something involving misty watercolored memories and sentimental cheerfulness that people want to read about. I guess it's a tradition to sign up, really.

I am kind of planning something uh, special for this year's entries, though. Kind of a "revel in the horror" sort of theme.

I went back to the gym again last night.

About halfway through the month, I gave up on going. Clearly, I didn't want to go, so I just said to myself, "Okay, I'll take the rest of the month off as long as the novel is still being written, and once that excuse is gone, THEN I'll go."

Course, it did kind of rub that in when I was at the last NaNo meetup on Monday and my dance teacher showed up in the cafe. Then again, he is used to me having regular attendance for months and then disappearing for months when the parental situation goes crazy. But anyway, I definitely felt the MUST GO BACK NOW, REALLY REALLY. Guilt'll do that.

So I re-upped my membership last night and went back to step and dance. And you know what? When you haven't done it for a month, even the same old routines seem fresh and new. So apparently skipping working out for a month cures your boredom! Who knew?

I'm not all that sore today either, though I was a little turning-red more than usual when working out.

As for the last NaNo meetup, I was delighted to see one of last year's folks returning to the meetup. The few old timers who didn't move away last year hadn't been going to meetups and it kind of bummed me out.

So since I was done, and she had pretty much given up on hitting 50k for the month, we ended up yakking a lot, and it was great. I think I needed that.

It seems to be kind of a crappy day for people today. Someone said it was some kind of bad astrological thing- I haven't really checked any sites today, but it seems like a lot of people are having crap going on. A lot of people are getting laid off or fired. Which reminded me that uh, years ago on this day, it happened to me. I guess people love to do that stuff on the last day of the month right before the holidays. So I am grateful that this year, that is not happening to me. That my boss thinks I'm great and supports me.

I am also glad that about the worst thing that's happened to me today is doing something completely moronic in front of someone I was trying to impress (let's say it was the equivalent of saying 2+2=5), and having said person laugh in my face about my stupidity. Oh well, said person already wasn't too thrilled with me these days even before this, so I guess I didn't lose much!

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