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2005-12-02, 9:45 p.m.

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An update on the Grandma situation:

One of the PITAS (probably Uncle Bruce) called adult protective services on Grandma. They sent someone over to the house, who I guess proceeded to try to make friends with Grandma and be gentle about it, and not do a whole lot, and claim that she'd make several return visits.

(Yes, I know that's nice not to frighten an old lady, but as you'll see later, maybe the slow and gentle route isn't going to be the best way to go about it.)

Meanwhile, Grandpa's poor friend Bernard (who some might remember from the Groping Grandma incidents) has been run ragged getting them food and buying them dinner because Grandpa forgets the wallet, and Grandma of course is bitching him out whenever she can.

Bernard actually went so far as to call APS and tell them that he can't caretake these two much longer, and they'd better do something about it.

Who knows if that'll happen.

I am currently trying to make four small (wasabi) decorated glass plates for my aunt and uncle for Christmas. Not a whole lot of point to it, really, but it's hand-crafted decor for your wall, right?

I'm going with a "four seasons" theme because Mom said Aunt Susie likes mountains and beaches. I figure seasons + 4 incorporates that. I've done the mountain scene and an autumn scene with falling leaves- Mom will wish she's getting that one. I am currently working on the spring one, which will have grass, a pond, and flowers.

I keep working on this sucker during lunch, which is NOT enough time, but I'm hella busy this weekend between craft fairs, going to a dollmaking workshop for a good chunk of the day, etc. Perhaps speed-glass-cutting isn't the best way to go about it, because I have totally sliced up my left thumb and both index fingers. Slightly irritating...but oh well.

And I think I'm finally getting somewhere on Mom's Christmas poncho. So that's good, even though I haven't done much on that this week.

And speaking of: I went to TWO craft fairs today. TWO! So exciting. And one of them was a few blocks away from my house and turned out to be massive! I've lived here for 8 years, why did I not hear of this before?

Let's just say that it was a good thing I had a few hundred dollars left at the end of the month. Probably shouldn't have gone so crazy at one booth, but (as I always say) it was a one-time-only special occasion.

I first went to my old career counselor's show, which was fun and we did some craft gossiping. I got a painted rose necklace and earrings there. Then I went by the art center show...which was HUGE, I had no idea! Tons of gorgeous stuff, food samples, rooms and rooms of craft! Whee!

I pretty much ended up only getting glass. Cute tiny glass stripey beads in earrings and necklace ("matching earrings" DID ME IN today, I swear), a dichroic glass star ornament/pendant (wear it however you want!), and THEN I found a booth full of lampworked beads, with tons of them on sale for $4 apiece. So I happily picked out bead after bead and spent, alas, too much. But they were so pretty!
Finding a booth where someone lets you do that is so awesome I can't pass it up.

I got tons of bad Christmas mp3's today. I am so excited, you have no idea. I hadn't found anything new so far this year.

I just wish I had an excuse this year to make another horrible holiday mix. Well, maybe I'll make one for Hill, she at least would appreciate it.

Project Runway came out on DVD, and it is making me SO VERY HAPPY right now, you have no idea. I adore this show. I adore Austin. I adore Jay. I adore the design challenges. It's so exciting!

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