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December 2015 FAQ

2015-12-03, 10:28 p.m.

I’m updating from the 2012 one because it took me three years to notice I should change that.

Name, age, marital status, location, relatives haven't really changed.

These days I'm dog sitting rather than pet sitting, since the friend with the cat moved to England.

Home Stuff: No home floods in the last few years, yay. My car (see below) flooded last year because I got my sunroof repaired and I couldn't get weather stripping. I'm hoping it won't happen again this year, but who knows.

Mom: Mom has a literal Gentleman Caller, a fellow she's known since eighth grade (he claims she's the first girl he kissed, Mom doesn't remember it so much), who she has been having 4-7 hour long phone calls with. However, whether or not they are actually going to have a date-date CONTINUES TO REMAIN IN QUESTION EVEN AFTER HE ASKED HER OUT, SOMEHOW. I do not get this pseudo-relationship at all. Like, I had text in here about how he finally asked her out last weekend and I just deleted it because it’s days later and he still hasn’t confirmed and wtf? She may want to “take it slow” and he may be shy, but I just told her that snails are going faster than this relationship. I don’t even get it.

In other news, her bosses have decided to gradually retire and sold their business. Mom is still employed and the new boss loves her, and the new business does awesome trips for the staff, but pretty much have NO sick or vacation time for the first year starting this September, which is horrible since Mom needs eye surgery sometime in 2016. Gah. Well, so far she can still drive and see, so there's that.

Work: I got transferred to another department in my job in 2013 and we moved office locations this year, and I like my job a lot less than I used to. I do like 20-25 different jobs at once, which I could deal with. But it's also part time public service, and is far more horrible in many ways than any other service stuff I've done before. I could rant on forever about it, I'll try not to. I would probably be fine with the job if I could just not have to wait on people and having to pretend to be an expert on things I've never heard of in my life and being short staffed out the wazoo and being told how they don’t like how I interact with humans no matter what face I put on, but so far no luck. I have had the occasional job interview or two per year, but again no luck and the pickings to even apply for are slim. I figure I either get canned from this job or stay forever at this point. Also, this is a job where we literally get taught how to get shot at at work. So...yeah.

On the other hand, they are bringing back the sort of thing I originally got into this field to work on, and I am getting to do it part time, so there’s that. And the new office location is overall pretty good, so there’s that too. And so far the crazy levels have somehow not been as high with the public since the move. I don’t know what that’s about, but let’s hope it continues.

Friends: Jess, Jackie, L, Monica and Merry all live in other locations. L lives in England, Jess and Merry live in other states, Monica is in SoCal. I still see Jackie every few months or so. Locals I hang out with these days are Dawn, Jamie, and Meg, most of these folks are CC people. I have been hanging out doing crafting with Meg on a weekly basis (Jamie is harder to get ahold of at her current job unless I can swing being on a shift with her) and it has been lovely. I haven’t seen Dawn as much since I moved office locations, but hopefully our paths will reconnect more soon. Mauricio is still around. We now have a new mutual family friend, Angelica, who Mom met at work. We are hanging out with her and her boyfriend Gary and his sister Nicole, usually at some kind of theater event or house party.

Vacation: after a few years of lovely Hawaiian vacations, I will probably be using all of my vacation time this year to take care of Mom during eye surgery in 2016 sometime. No fun Christmas trips this year, we'll be pet sitting. This year we did go to Disneyland for a few days before Mom lost all vacation benefits, so there's that.

Driving: I have my own car (which I got from L when she moved)! Which needs repairs periodically, so I do not so much have the bucks to go on vacations any more anyway. Feh, but there it is.

Moving: This will never happen. My life is as it is and probably isn't going to drastically change.

Improv: I started taking improv classes in March and they were awesome and I decided at the time I wanted to get into stage performing. I had this whole plan about it, which of course made God lalugh. I was going to be in a class this fall and then it got canceled, so I am waiting impatiently for the next in the series in January. I would like to be a regular performer, but the class cancellation thing has just thrown me off entirely on that track, dammit. *sigh* At this point I fear I have lost the mojo--or maybe it’s just winter SAD season combined with no classes to go to regularly + me pouting. I just found out there’s going to be some kind of announcement about performing “soon,” but who the heck knows what that means. Probably “don’t get your hopes up” is a reasonable guess.

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