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2007-12-04, 11:05 p.m.

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On Sunday, I went to the local craft fair. Yay for having a craft fair in my neighborhood! I normally go on Friday night when it's totally insane, but I couldn't swing that this year. On Sunday morning, it was actually pretty mellow, so not bad.

I've managed to stick to only spending around $100 (pretty much exactly- and you laugh, but I'm a total craft fair whore so this is GOOD for me) at all of the holiday fairs I've gone to so far. It's probably a good thing this is the last of the ones I'm likely to make before hitting Cornish and Victorian Christmas in a few weekends.

I end up pretty much buying from the same booths every year, I suspect: the awesome glass booth, the guy with the niobium jewelry, one of the CC instructors has a booth so I always get some earrings from her, and one guy runs a booth where you can pick out your own lampwork beads to make jewelry out of. Sure 'nuff, that's what I did again.

I got some sparkly dichro earrings (CC booth), some rainbow-y niobium arrow earrings, a velvet tie for $5 (sweet pricing there! And yes, that was one of my non-usual vendors), some nifty rainbow beads that I plan to make into a pendant someday, a rainbow pendant and a rainbow Christmas tree star ornament. Why yes, there WAS a theme to my buying this year...

The rainbow pendant/ornament booth was fun to shop at because I was debating between rainbow earrings and barrettes as well. I've got a pink dichroic star ornament from her from a year or two back, which goes on my tacky fake pink tree very nicely. When I finally picked something to get, I was telling her about what I'd done with that one and that I though she should offer a rainbow star. Yup, she had one and I got it! go with my sparkly fake rainbow tree.

Then I went to the co-op to stock up on my lunch and potluck shopping. Last month I had a total meltdown when I had to make potluck dishes for something like 3 events within one week's time and went brain-dead on what to make. This time, well, I got some dip mix at Harvest Festival, so I'm making dip and bringing chips for ALL of the ones I have next week. And when I say next week, I mean THREE IN A DAMN ROW. At least I can skip work potlucks (there's enough food that they don't need everyone to bring something), but everywhere else it's pretty well required.

* Thursday (volunteer night dinner- appetizer)
* Friday (CC party/staff auction- supposed to be dessert)
* Saturday (NaNo Thank God It's Over- whatever)

I am going to bring dip to even the one that's supposed to be dessert potluck, because honestly, I get so sick of nothing but sweet sweet cookies at those things, to the point where I want to barf if I see yet another batch of chocolate chip. Especially when that party is held right at dinnertime. I could make more cookies that aren't chocolate chip, because I've got lots of dough in my fridge, but there's plenty of sweet to go around and I need some dang chips and salt at one of these things sometime. I have tried to convince the CC managers to have not just sugar at these things, but I don't think I've managed to make a dent. At Craftapalooza, they had food out, but it was all cookies and brownies and gooey sugar again. And while free food is always appreciated, I think we would have rather had some solid dinner-ish food about to eat before working for 4 hours. (Or in my case, me and Stephen begging our friend Merry to go pick us up some takeout before she got over here because all food on campus closes down by 5.)

It was bad enough at the first NaNo party we had this year when there were so many cookies that nobody ate any. At the second party, the hostess said that NOBODY ELSE was allowed to bring any more- she would provide them, and that was it! Sensible girl.

And finally, I finished off the day by heading out to Cost Plus to pick up a cheap advent calendar. We had three of them when I was a kid- a Velcro ornament tree-decorating one, a LifeSavers one, and an envelope one that had presents in it- and I miss them. Sure, I look at the online ones a lot, but it isn't quite the same. So I got one of these, even if (as she pointed out), the chocolate is not particularly good. I also picked up some orange-flavored chocolate stuff there, and some pomegranate and blood orange sodas. Mmm, I love exotic Cost Plus food. I also found some glass flying pig and rubber duckie ornaments for my wacky tree collection. Big yays all around.

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