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(Almost) Boring Day

2009-12-08, 8:39 a.m.

So, this week is supposed to have rain for every day but Tuesday, and be in the 20's-30's-40's in NorCal. Or it WAS, anyway, since it turned out to be dry as a bone. On the other hand, I got a call from my mother yesterday morning claiming it was SNOWING in her town in the Bay Area. Wait, what?

The annoying thing about the Storm of the Season stuff is that this weekend was when we wanted to go up to Nevada City again. Last year it had snowed by the time we got there, but wasn't pouring rain/snow at the time. Unfortunately, if it's snowing/raining this weekend, Mom will probably not want to drive in that. DAMMIT.

Other than that, yesterday was a pretty dull day (had a really dull, longer-than-I-thought-it-was-going-to-go meeting all night in which I looked like an ass, that's fun), and I'd have nothing to talk about except....

I got a call from my friend Jackie saying that while she was at the dentist's, a CAR drove through the lobby and trapped them all in there. She barely missed getting hit, and while nobody was hurt (whew), they were all trapped for awhile in the building. I gather it was her first near-death experience and she was having the usual thoughts of people...but also along the lines of "I haven't gotten so-and-so's present yet" and "I still need to bring that back to the store" as well.

Weird, wild stuff.

In other news, hey, who wants to hear about the TV shows I'm watching? Um, yeah.

Renting: Slings and Arrows. This is a very fun, SHORT, Canadian series about a Shakespeare festival. The director is Geoffrey, a hot dude with mental illness issues (about seven years ago he had a crackup onstage) who gets recruited to take over being artistic director of the festival after his ex-mentor Oliver dies. Except for the part where Oliver continues to haunt Geoffrey, and heck, he wants to direct the plays. Adding to the fun, there's the business people (Mark McKinney plays a musical-loving money guy), Geoffrey's twue wuv Ellen, the festival's diva, crazy-ass fellow director Darren Nichols, and two guys who sing and play the show's theme songs. Which rock. And man, I love Paul Gross, who plays Geoffrey. He plays crazy so very, very well. Between this and watching him on Eastwick, I'm starting to adore him. I don't remember him being nuts on Due South, but he's awesome.

Live Action TV:
Shows I love:

* Glee, no surprise there. Gotta run out and get the second soundtrack ASAP.

* White Collar, because man, I just love Matthew Bomer no matter what show he's on, and I enjoy the relationship between him and his FBI agent/keeper. Though the last episode...holy COW with that.

* Dollhouse: that show is all over the damn place, and pretty much kinda sucks in the early episodes in both seasons, but of course it starts to kick major ass AFTER the cancellation...sigh. Mindblowing there, though.

* How I Met Your Mother: sigh....I was hoping they'd do more with Swarkles before breaking them up, and less in the way of "act the way that every traditional couple does." Feh. So much for that.

* Castle: Nathan Fillion is always awesome. Also love the chick that plays Beckett, and his adorable daughter. Aww-fest every show.

* Criminal Minds: Hoo boy, Hotch. Is that guy even going to be able to stay on the show any more after this?

* Modern Family and Community: I am not into sitcoms much any more, but these are too good to miss, period. Community is especially awesome to me, and Modern Family is the first family sitcom I may have watched in years that doesn't make me want to destroy the television.

Shows I'm watching still and I'm not sure why:

* The Good Wife: Honestly, I watch this because of (a) Chris Noth, and (b) I keep waiting for Alicia to have a nervous breakdown or cussing screaming fit or something. I know she can't because she's a politician's wife and she can't even show emotion in private by now, but the point of watching this show to me is to see the "behind the scenes" of that, and I wanna see some emotions, darn it. She did yell at Peter in the mistress episode, though, so that was good.

* V: Um...ok, so far the writing stinks and I am mostly watching it for good actors in a bad show. Also, the whole Logan plotline is stabby bad. Dunno if I will bother watching in the future, I might give it a shot under the New Regime to come.

* Eastwick: Yeah, dead show walking. I watch it for the aforementioned Paul Gross, Rebecca Romjin (who is pretty fun here), and for Sara Rue. Lindsay Price's character, on the other hand, really needs a stabbing because she is excruciating. Not that it matters now anyway, I guess.

* Fringe and Fast Forward: hm, I dunno. I really liked the last two episodes of FF (especially Keiko and Lloyd), Fringe so far I've really only liked the Observer episode. I just flat out turned off the last one.

* Bones: dear lord, I don't care if B&B boink or not. I just don't want to see Brennan have a kid and be a wire monkey mother, that creeps me out to even think about. And unfortunately, I think that if B&B boink, they'll go the parenthood route, and her as a parent is not something I want to see. On the other hand, who woulda thought that Angela boffing Wendell could be cute?

Just quit watching:

* Stargate Universe. I have not been a Stargate watcher before, was watching it because I like David Blue. Unfortunately, (a) everyone else is dull, except for (b) Rush, and I don't think they know WHAT they are doing with that guy at all, and (c) the plots are meh, and (d) the one good episode they did ended on a cliffhanger and THEN they didn't bother to follow up with it next week? Fuck you, show, I'm gone.

* Haven't quit watching, but haven't caught up on it yet: Supernatural. Sigh. I hear it's awesome this season.

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