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2021-12-12, 9:11 a.m.

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Saturday was busy:

9 a.m. Rehearsal for Demon Turkey play: ran through it 3x. Mostly Kelly was having Technical Difficulties, as her wife was using her laptop for some work thing that morning and she was forced to use her mother-in-law's computer, which was sucking on high and basically loading itself for like an hour :P

10:20-noon: Went to the Capezio store in Sacramento, where the girl was extremely patient with my being absolutely horrendous at shoe shopping. Which is because almost everything was too small, too big, or cut into my heels. (Like after this was done I had to go home and find shoes without anything rubbing against my heels, as they are OW now.) It's a good thing they had different varieties of the required shoes, but I feared I was going to go through ALL of them in all sizes close to mine and not find anything I could handle, given how this was going. The worst one was when I tried on a left shoe and it was perfect...and then the right shoe hurt like hell and sliced my heel so that now both heels are bad now. DA FUCK?!?! God, I hate shoe shopping SOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH, why are my feet such whining little bitches that think everything hurts? I think I ended up with a size 4.5 (in guys? unclear) for the men's looking shoe with laces and then the high heeled ones, well, I hope that goes okay. I haven't worn "character shoes" before--just ballet slippers, jazz shoes stuff--and those don't normally hurt (we will not get into pointe shoes, that's a separate beast). But seriously, I did not think I'd have the same issue with (other kinds of) freaking dance shoes that I do with every other kind of street shoe, and hooooo boy did I have issues, sigh. I think I was in there 40 minutes. That girl was super nice about it, though.

Noonish-2:45: met up with Rae and her mom and Ashley at Farmer's Market and then went to Burgers and Brew for lunch, then to Boheme (fancy thrift store) again. I think I'm the only one who didn't get anything there, oddly. Rae found a "Merry Sithmas" sweater, Ashley found an elf dress and a red blingy tree hat that I would have gotten if she didn't (not that I need it, but was sorely tempted), I forget what her mom got, I think it was the purple snowman sweater she was looking at. Then we went to the bookstore and they all got coffee and whatnot before I needed to get home. It was very fun.

4-6ish: we put on our Paranormal Holiday festival. I recorded it and will probably post the link once it's online. I won't go into super details about the plots since I'll upload it later, but here's a brief rundown:
* New Routines-- a monologue by a ghost who's been told she has to stop hanging around and haunting her girlfriend by December 31. Jackie did that one.
* Unicorns Infinity Christmas--Shanna's story of one unicorn trying to figure out time and Santa Claus--just watch the recording with the explanation at the end later on that one, I think.
* Santa Got Run Over--rednecks! I love rednecks! One of whom thinks he ran over Santa.
* Demon Turkey--the one in which a medium comes over on Thanksgiving and has me possessed by a demon turkey.
* GCF (stands for Ghost of Christmas Future)--the ghost talks to a fellow about his life
* Coal for Christmas--Santa's missing and the reindeer break out a Ouija board to find out his whereabouts
* Christmas Spirits--Christmas Future and Present are concerned about Past
* Chet's Second Chance--an elf named Marvin helps Chet find love. Awww.

The plays went really well, no major technical difficulties (other than Kelly's internet crapping out at the end, but ah well), I got the share screen and sound going, HUZZAH, all was well and a good time was had by those who viewed, yay! The theme for the next one, per audience suggestion, was "time and coconuts" (Shanna's favorite food, coincidentally), so looks like we're gonna roll with of our playwrights sent a Photoshopped DeLorean with coconuts on it to us after that!

After that, Rae was home alone and in need of company, so I picked her up, we went to McDonald's and Target to get her mom a present, then had a dance party at her house. It's been a busy day.

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