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Prisoners of Love

2021-12-15, 6:58 a.m.

(Tuesday recapping)

Today we had the team breakfast meeting at a restaurant a few blocks over from GiantOrg. The previous plan was "meet at restaurant," then yesterday my boss changed it to "everyone meets at the office and then walks over there," which makes sense since half the people probably didn't know where it was. So this morning I walk over there and nobody's around except Grandboss--who did NOT go, so I didn't end up having to worry about eating up close with the unvaccinated, thank you, Jeebus. Somehow it turned into "only the people in office are meeting up," though it doesn't seem like they did? Anyway, I ended up walking over and finding Luis (also confused) on the way over.

Breakfast was lovely and we had a good time talking about Disneyland's holiday churros, getting candles, food, etc. and didn't really have to start working till 10. My boss is doing phone screens for jobs, so yay on that.

Hot goss I heard today:

Apparently Former Big Boss was....well, she was straight up dubbed a "princess" for this incident: during the pandemic she didn't want to go into the building because she'd have to get tested and she didn't want to "spit everywhere," so Penguin Girl was forced to haul this woman's chair and computer down three floors and pass them to her outside. Even my boss was all "this kind of thing only went one way" and "I wouldn't ask someone to do something I wouldn't do myself" and otherwise seemed far more annoyed than you'd usually get as a public reaction. HMMMMMMMM. Good thing FBB left before mandatory every 2 week spit testing became a thing, right? Of course, now she's elsewhere and who knows what that school makes you do.

Also, years ago I had a coworker get fired. I was always kind of baffled as to what went on with the situation and never heard the whole story, but my impression of the thing was that she was openly disagreeing/having fights with the supervisor and this was a supervisor that you really shouldn't be doing that with. The union got involved, there was some stuff over whether or not she "forged an email" during a power outage, it was weird. I got along with her fine, but apparently according to everyone else (especially Lioness) she...had a lot of Incidents. I had no idea. Penguin Girl said that she was asked to join her lawsuit(!) and didn't know what to do and ignored it at the time. Daaaaaaaamn.

We got $50 gift certificates to Amazon, which pleases me. Other than that, we all got assigned to email big shots to tell them to turn their work in AGAIN--but happily, I got pulled off of that to go fix some much easier to deal with crap before I got very far at it. (Though I did get one "I'm having some weird stuff happen" response...I told her to email my boss if it's a tech problem because heck if I know.) I got told to train our temps in how to do it, but Luis couldn't get access to the spreadsheet, so I had to do a stupid workaround for that. He was all "You're killing me, smalls!" LOLyup.

Rehearsal: the men were doing "Prisoners of Love" (in the actual prison) for the first hour or so, but I was booked to do costumes with Jean the costume designer. I thought this was supposed to be about getting measurements or something, but no, it was trying on clothes in the costume shop to find whatever fit on the Tits o' Doom, as I have double D's and they don't fit into anything without spandex. Sparkly black dress (thank god I found a pretty one I could fit into), "tourist" dress (ditto), secretary dress, little old lady dress, Bavarian dress (cute), prison guard outfit (dull), presumably men's pants for...not sure what there, I gather we still have to get stormtrooper outfits...seriously I have lost track of the outfits. They just have tons and tons you try on until you fit into something. It might be 8-10 of them?! Anyway, I had planned to spend like 15 minutes doing that and then kick it to watch the men's rehearsal, but that was most of an hour.

Then after the men did theirs, we do the Broadway version of "Prisoners of Love," in which the women come out as guards and prisoners, then the men come out, then we had some drama over whether or not to do fancy turns and that was scrapped, then people end up in romantic poses. (Not with Scott on this one, he's dipping Jean the actress) I get proposed to by Isaiah, who made a comment about his girlfriend and I was all "I was only thinking of you, honey!"

Other Jennifer and Sabrina--paired up again as "all the butch ladies that Other Jennifer plays + Ulla"--in the end, ah....decided to do a spanking for their romantic pose. They came up with it while Steve was off wherever, and everyone was all "LET'S NOT TELL HIM AND SEE HOW HE LIKES IT." He loved it, of course. "My mom's gonna plotz, she's 89," Other Jennifer said.

Other commentary from Evan. "I hate theater." Me: "Then why are you doing it?" Evan: "I wonder about that myself." (I wish I had more time to write down the silly lines live-action.)

Isaiah had to lead our side off on the end and during the filming, went "OH SHIT!" very loudly. I'm sure we'll all enjoy that on the secret video page later. Of course I cackled like hell at it.

Scott did come up to me to talk to me for a bit, so there's that. I am kinda bummed we are not in a romantic pose in the end--but yeah, shouldn't be doing that. I'm fine with not doing a backbending dip, mind you.

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