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Springtime For Hitler (Part 2)

2021-12-17, 6:47 a.m.

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Cast list as of November 2019

Thursday recap:

I do not have covid as of yesterday, per exposure to unvaccinated grandboss while eating five days ago. WHEW.

Work: I've mentioned occasionally that we have to deal with a government agency that is EXCRUCIATING and frankly, STUPID on their website. Like we had to sit through the worst work presentation you've ever seen in your life about it awhile back, someone was called "shit for brains" over Zoom while it happened, literally nobody can get it to work, etc. Apparently our financial office was all "You know, we have other work to do, we can't just do nothing but THIS for three days." Well, my boss is SUPER MAD about their awful website requiring an enormous amount of crap being set up ASAP EMERGENCY (right now is not a good time for that, I'll have you know) and frankly, we don't know how and it makes no sense and she is quite mad. She said this wasn't a very good supervisor example of a "can-do' attitude and I said it makes no sense to have a can-do attitude WHEN YOU LITERALLY CAN'T DO, which is the entire problem!!! At least I'm not being asked to work on it, so there's that, I guess.

I had to sit through an hourlong lecture on ergonomics, which of course made me feel bad and guilty because my chairs are the least ergonomic thing going and I have so much padding and cushions trying to hike me up taller and that only works so well. They also said that laptop use is bad, and did I note that the entire office is going to get laptops now? HMMMMMMMMMM on this. I would like to know if the office is going to spring a few hundred to a thousand dollars to buy me an ergonomic chair for my house, since that is pretty much my #1 issue here (that and I can't exactly rebuild my kitchen table). I am not going to bring that up, though, since I think I know the answer on that one.

In other news, suddenly everyone's hitting me up for wanting their Important Documents rushed ASAP. Ughhhhhhhhhhh, your timing stinks for that. FOUR PEOPLE. So far one paid and one paid but only sent half of his stuff and then got on a plane at 4:30. And my coworkers and boss were all "I have no idea how to do those" and I was all "I just sent you procedures and here is a Zoom." And just...uggggggggggggh THERE IS TOO MUCH AND I AM SO ANGRY AND THIS IS AN "EASY" DAY HERE. This isn't even a HARD day and I am so mad! I'd drink to chill out, but I gotta drive tonight to rehearsal.

One more day to go.

Rehearsal: Springtime for Hitler and Germany!

I'm one of the Bavarians in the opening, so we did that dance number first--pretty easy, though god knows I don't think Kari and I are doing the opening rhythm right. I think she's going faster than it's supposed to go, sigh. Oh well...I dunno, I hope this gets worked on later? Seriously it's bizarre how short of a time they do dance numbers compared to when I was in dance school. Like they hardly drill them at all? Anyway, that's pretty cute.

Scott got there earlier than he was supposed to (only Bavarians for the first half hour, he's doing the solo after that) and said something about how he hoped they'd do like in the movie and have the guys look up the girls' skirts and I was all "as one of the girls, I hope not." Well, they did that. I asked if I could smack the guy looking and got told no, you're not noticing--even though um, I'm literally looking in his direction, so come on! I should get to smack him! It'd be funny! :P

I am next to Scott for most of this number. (Yes, he sat by me again for part of rehearsal, when he wasn't wandering the building.) For someone who goes on at great length about how he can't dance, he was certainly being very enthusiastic about it. I do like the dance number we're doing for that bit, though I am concerned about having to do a quick change DURING the number and if we have enough time for that, since I guess I'm just supposed to go out early and stand for awhile before Hitler shows up?

On a related note, Richard, the guy playing Roger/Hitler in the number, was actually at rehearsal. I seriously don't think I've seen him since like week one or something? I don't know what's going on there. Anyway...I get the impression that he can't move very well, which sorta concerns me in a number where it seems like you need to be able to move at least a little? He can certainly do Gay Voice/Ethel Merman and whatnot, but I just kinda wonder. I gather we won't be doing a large staircase for this one like there usually is in this show, presumably because "we don't want what happened in 2016 to happen again." (Isaiah agreed with that, but was referring to politics. I presume Steve was referring to someone falling off a staircase, possibly Richard.) That might be safer for the girls in large dresses because I shudder to think of going down a staircase in that stuff, but it seems less showy. Oh well, we had enough issues with the staircase in Camelot anyway.

Round 2 of this song to be done on Sunday night. Scott said he'd be around to do some construction at least Saturday morning-ish.

Other moments, mostly snark from Steve:
Nate tried on his lederhosen for the Bavarians outfit. Steve: "If you could see under my mask...I have never been more turned on in my life."
Steve on one of the costumes: "She looks like a weinermobile."
When the girls in giant weird outfits leave, Steve again: "That won't be distracting at all." I note that Jean (one of the outfit-wearers) is totally pantomiming having to do a quick change backstage right now, Arie is joining in on fake-changing her.
Steve: "This is a fun show for a Jew because we make fun of Hitler." Later: "To all the Jews in the cast, I'm sorry. To all the non-Jews in the cast, I'm sorry." Me: "We knew what we were getting into when we auditioned for this."
Boris: "This is the easiest song in the play." Me: "I'm pretty sure you said otherwise earlier."
Steve: "I prefer directing because it's my sick perverted vision. And I've had a lot of sick perverted visions." Isaiah: "I know. I saw Cats."
Steve: "We are going to get so many letters, I can't wait." He also reported that two seniors canceled their season tickets for Urinetown because of the name, but "everybody does it." And also, "Some of them babysat Hitler."
Steve again: "I'm actually very shallow, I crack me up sometimes."
Jean the costume designer mentioned that for this show she might have to steal seed from her dove. Yes, she has one.
Andi was all, we have giant windows on our place now and we have PoC neighbors, I really hope they don't see me choreographing this....

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