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Last Day For The Year

2012-12-14, 6:50 a.m.

Recently I have spotted the following in the wild: a giant menorah and a Christmas tree made out of books at the library. Note the star.

I heard from L yesterday. Iceland is freezing, she's wandering around ice caves and glaciers, the yarn is super itchy, no northern lights yet. I hope some show up, since that's the entire point of going there!

Merry did a volunteering makeup shift last night, so I got to hang out with her again like old times. It was great. We had a good time. She got me a chocolate orange and we shared it with folks there. Yum.

Today is my last day of work for the year. Normally I have the last week of work off, and Mom does too, but she was specifically NOT allowed to have it off this year. Grr. So she requested that I take 2 weeks off. We were going to go to LA, but hahahahahahah, NO, so I am not sure what all we will be doing. Hopefully going to see the lights at the Folsom Zoo Monday, group therapy and Deacon Dave's on Tuesday, Lion King on Wednesday, and after that, I don't know what, if anything.

To be honest, I am kind of feeling sad about being out then. Because even though the last week of work doesn't exactly have a whole lot of anything to do, it's peaceful and quiet. You can actually sit down at an indoor table during the lunch hour, which is really nice. And you can just kind of publicly diddle about. On the other hand, the longer you're there, the more things shut down (hungry at 2 p.m.? Good luck finding food) which is a bit annoying. But given the demands of my new job, I kind of wanted to be there when it wasn't busy and see what that was like.

Because this week has been annoyingly busy busy busy. I would have figured that given the circumstances, it would NOT be crazy go nuts, but it has been. People are constantly coming in wanting something. And we are supremely down on the number of people who are actually AT work due to illness or it being finals week--I think maybe a third of the staff is out. Some folks have just flat out been gone all week or half the week, and it's always the useful people somehow rather than the ones who could easily be covered for. Yesterday they were begging everyone there to be on the phones--which I really am not up to handling now at all. I know they are all super optimistic about throwing you out there when you don't know enough, but a phone is entirely different from dealing with people over e-mail (on your own time) or in person, where you can ask them to show you what the problem is more easily. I managed to get out of it once I pointed out that me answering a phone would just mean I'd have to ask everyone else already on the phones for help anyway, and offered to cover other people's stuff so they could do phones. If only I could do that forever. But the longer the week goes on, the more people are out, and I can't say I am looking forward to dealing with the drama of today as I write this before going in.

I write my entries on and they are gonna be down for maintenance soon. Also, what with the crazygonutsness, I have had a lot less intermittent down time during the day. I'd like to do a movie review of the movie I just saw (Vamps), but who knows when I'll get to it. It'll be a long ass entry when I do.

In addition to the other non-fun, I have a dentist appointment today and a eye doctor appointment tomorrow morning. I really, really don't want to be doing an eye doctor appointment on a petsitting weekend (back in the olde hometowne, because if you only go once a year, why move where you go), but god for fucking bid I not get my eyes checked now nownownownow, apparently. And then Mom, who is of course feeling annoyed with my hair and I have been too lazy to get a haircut for a year, wants to book a hair appointment on top of that. Whee. I used to kind of get excited about new hair, but nowadays I just feel like it's going to go back to the same old me anyway, so why knock myself out about looking for hairstyles on the Internet. It's never a new me, it's a slightly different variant for a couple of days.

I told Mom I want to go home by Saturday night for cat-sitting. Also, she is doing her volunteer job Saturday night and going to some party Sunday afternoon and I just don't want to waste the weekend sitting in her house with nothing to do except watch TV, no Internet, and nowhere to even sit on furniture. HOPEFULLY this comes off, but who knows. If I haven't posted for Holidailies by the end of Saturday, you'll know why.

Updated during lunch hour. It's been a fucking insane day.

I went out to check on the Zipcar before I headed into work (to see how much I needed to wipe it down before it was drivable) and was not there. You may be thinking, as was I, "Who the fuck has a Zipcar rented before 8 a.m.?" I don't know, but that person apparently had it all night long(?) and was asshole enough to NOT BRING IT BACK COME 8:30 WHEN I HAD TO LEAVE. What the fuck. I called Zipcar and they said there was another car available...if I could hike across campus real quick. I called the dentist's office to say I'd be late, hiked across campus, and had to wipe down the second car with my scarf because the paper towels I'd filched to clean off the car fell out of my purse on the way over. I got into the car (Zipcars lock and unlock with use of your card) and...the key to the vehicle was FUCKING GONE. No, it didn't fall down somewhere, some shithead stole it or forgot it or whatever. I called Zipcar again and they were out of cars that I could rent for 2 hours. And of course this shit went down at about 8:57 a.m. I would have normally been able to run to the bus stop, but since busses leave 10 minutes early during finals week...fuck me, I wasn't making it.

I called the dentist and they were all, "Noon, then?" and I was all, "no, can't do it," nor could I do Monday at all. I have had to reschedule for January.

So I spent more time at work, where tons of people are coming in and everything is in a rush and insane. Whee.

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