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Return Of The Mack

2017-12-15, 5:18 a.m.

So first, today's office party. I was on the planning committee and it went very well. We actually had activities this year--pin the carrot on the snowman, cookie decorating, quizzes on the tables---in addition to That Gift Game Everyone Plays At The Office, Whatever It's Called. People actually *did* said activities, which impressed me.I got a giant mug (like, the Cougar Town wine glass equivalent of coffee mugs) filled with chocolates and cookies, so that's not bad. Stuff stolen often this year was a Lego Batman, coloring kit, a blanket, a "Pie Face" game (that is a thing?), Hawaiian candy, a gingerbread house, a Nightmare Before Christmas salt and pepper shaker kit. The Temporary BigBoss ended up with a pooping bear.

I went in my light up Christmas tree apron, though I could not find any of my Christmas hats (I usually wear a Christmas tree hat that lights up too) for crap, so I had to wing it and make a hat that looked like a giant ornament. I'm not that impressed with it because it basically looks like a beanie with a hanger on it, but oh well, it matched the decor. Also the lights went out on one layer of the apron so I had to run out, find more batteries, find a damn Phillips-esque thing to open them (finally used that Swiss Army knife I got a while back)...and then after fixing one layer before the party, another one stopped working at the party. Grrrr. I'm reminded of the song "The Twelve Pains of Christmas." "One light goes out, they all go out!"

The one buzzkill of the event came from Temporary BigBoss, who chose the holiday party as the time to announce that "we" didn't like ANY of the candidates at all and didn't think they were good enough, so then we decided to try another candidate that we thought failed at the Skype interview and even he doesn't even want to do the job.... so yeah, we're starting from scratch all over again! We're not hiring anyone this year!


Here's what I want to know: if you had 38 people interested in the job and you did not like a single one of do you expect to find better candidates than those? Seriously? Especially when this joint has problems up the wazoo and is probably not gonna attract the best of the best? I am truly boggled on how they think they are going to do better. I don't think we're exactly cream of the crop at this point. At least one of them had a clue as to how to deal with places like this. I am really bummed they are not hiring her. Waaaah.

And then they wonder why we have so many problems. Which look like they will continue indefinitely.

Off topic before I change topics again, I forgot to mention that I told Meg about the John Cage exhibit and she said "oh yeah, I took his class and I had him over to dinner and I saw him and Merce together," etc. DAMN, GIRL. i am so impressed. I told her to go see the exhibit before she went back home, but who knows if she did that. I think the museum folks would love if it she shared stories. Meg is so cool.

I have also gotten permission to go on vacation the first week of January, so I can go see her! Craftcation ahoy!

So I bet you're wondering how the whole Pandora's box thing went, huh? "Yeah, I just read through this crap about her work party, where's the fun drama?"

You know, most people doing Holidailies are writing entries where they post pictures of kids and snow and saying stuff like, "I had a pleasant day cleaning and drinking cocoa" or something, like normal people do. Meanwhile I'm like, here's some drama here and drama there and oh look, some more drama.... Am I just like, putting on a show or something? Feels like it today.

Oh well, nobody's bored, right? And this sure as fuck beats last year's "Someone's trying to get me fired" drama.

I messaged him this morning after that coworker went out for some training and told him my e-mail address. She went home sick in the afternoon so I checked e-mail and....yup, that happened.

So here's the fun thing: he is actually acting these days. And doing ballet. Yes, that's for real. I am so envious of the acting stuff. That sounds amazing. I'm hella impressed. Also out of the blue for me since I don't remember him having like, any interest in that stuff back in the day. You never know, I guess. Lord knows I've taken up some stuff too in the meantime, I just still haven't found a stage willing to take me (yet?).

As for me, I was all (I swear I'll get to posting the rest of this stuff for the year later...), been doing all of this acting stuff, so far no dice...lemme on a stage, world.... you get the drift.

I kind of wonder: is this why the universe was all "go for it" on this topic? Because of the acting?

In other news, he found my silly links blog--I'm presuming he means the one I had to abandon due to a certain person's work drama--so I passed on the one that is actually being updated now out of her sight (so far). Odds are he's either found this one or is going to because it's not like I tried whatsoever to disguise anything in blog naming conventions, so if you find this, hi, and uh...don't say you weren't warned, I guess?

And after all of that, I had to go work on my lines for the audition. I think I am kinda tired of cramming new lines every two weeks. My brain would much rather wander around singing "Helpless" from Hamilton on repeat tonight*, alternating with "Return of the Mack," than cramming. I ended up going to the gym and doing lines over and over again while I paced around for like an hour and a half. I seem to memorize better if I'm walking around, but given the cold and dark the opportunities for that right now are limited.

* or let's face it, most nights and all night tonight because I have been up since 1:55 a.m. for no good reason with that stuck in the head.

Oh well, in a day or two it'll all be over with and I can just like, veg out and watch everything on the CW or something, like a normal working stiff. Or at least a normal working stiff about to go on vacation for two weeks.

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