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Return of the Gifting Grinch

2007-12-18, 10:09 p.m.

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I saw today's prompt- "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"- and thought, "Eh, I'll skip that one. I'm not feeling particularly Grinchy this season, for a change." And it was a nice change.

Today, however, I got pissed off, and the Grinch is out in full force. I hate to ruin a good weekend buzz, but enough shit happened today to ruin it, and THIS was the one that sent me over the edge.

I've probably mentioned/griped before that people refuse to tell me what they want whenever I ask. I got steamed at my mother this weekend when Mauricio asked him what she wanted and she actually gave him a list, for example. Everyone I asked has blown me off on this question this year, refused to answer.

Except for one, let's just call her Anonymous...who said she'd get back to me on it last month, and did not. I reasonably assumed she was blowing me off like everyone else. I eventually decided to make her what amounted to a gag gift box and got her stuff for that over the last few weeks, including doing shopping for this over the last weekend. (That's what she got me last year, so I figured she might like it.)

Well. Today Anonymous sent me her list.

Here's why I am pissed:
1. Sending me a list on DECEMBER SEVENTEENTH? A FUCKING WEEK BEFORE XMAS? I know you're busy, but good god, that's late.

Even worse...

2. She sent me a list of three items. Which can only be bought online.

Note the part where I said it's December SEVENTEENTH?

Even worse...

3. The cheapest item on her list was $55. Now, add on another $10 for shipping and/or another $10 to have it delivered before Christmas and...that's $75 for her gift.

Call me crazy, but that strikes me as hella rude and thoughtless.

I do not make the amount of money that she does (a lot). I'm sure this didn't occur to her in the slightest. But...good god, when someone asks me what I want, and they aren't rolling in money, I wouldn't even tell them anything I wanted that was over $40. (Actually, I think $40 is kind of a bit much to ask people to get me, but that's about as cheap as you can get DVD sets, which I do collect. Mostly I just put down stuff that's $25 and under, and the $40 is more along the lines of "hey, if you happen to spot it at Costco.") I don't spend $75 on any one person for Christmas stuff. Ever. Fifty, max (and that was before I went all-crafter on the family gifts). That is just blowing it out of proportion.

At the very least, I would have liked to have known this a MONTH ago, so I could have planned for spending $65 on her gift, instead of buying other stuff. Not to mention that finding this out towards the end of a really expensive month SUCKS. Yes, I am ashamed of myself for my vacation-y spending already, but a lot of my planning for gift money was based on my using stuff around the house to make gifts. (Anonymous is not into crafted stuff, so she is one of the few who gets a paid-for gift already. Friends who are into crafted stuff get gifts they requested at a later time, family gets me making stuff frantically from December 1-24th.)

Honestly, I'm mad at her right now. This is not cool to spring on me at this time of the month.

Problem being, I have no idea how to handle it. I asked, she (technically speaking) told me. I am NOT gonna shell out $75 at this point in time, but how does one say that tactfully? I think I can't really say any of these:

* "Too late now, shoulda asked me earlier in the season if you wanted me to spend that much money."
* "Don't you want anything that isn't over $50?"
* "Hey, you sent your list way too late and I just bought you a bunch of amusing novelty crap instead! How's that?"

I LOATHE GIFT GIVING WITH THE WHITE HOT PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS. I really, really, really wish I could get away with not doing it.

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