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This Week Sucks

2007-12-19, 10:21 p.m.

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Man, the work week before Christmas is just teh suck. No doubt about it.

1. Nobody around. While this is lovely for catching the bus (though I'm still trying to figure out how the bus is hella late when like 8 people are catching it now), looking for food on campus is pretty bad.

2. And yet, somehow, this week...they are expecting me to do work. I don't just mean, "come in and sit there for 40 hours and kill some time and eat the office candy canes" here. I mean, serious, hard, must THINK here work. I have SIX MEETINGS this week. FOUR of which are on Wednesday. FOUR! #$%#$! MEETINGS! Not all of which I am just sitting there warming a chair and stuffing my face in either. More like, "let's talk about nitpicking petty details for two hours straight" and the ever-dreaded "hey, let's start testing," and in between the two, "make a long list of nitpicking problems to test."

I find it really strange that most of this fall I have been sitting around killing time due to Programming Situations Beyond My Control, and only NOW at the @#$@#% end of the year, suddenly they are all, "I'm done! Let's get going! Right now!"

I kind of wish I was one of the people who is using two weeks of vacation to not come in this week. I am not going to use vacation days when I am not going anywhere, mind you, but...guck, who wants to be here?

3. Speaking of not wanting to be here, the bad rainy weather finally kicked in. 'Nuff said there.

4. I also had to go pick up a prescription before the end of this week, which I normally do on Mondays, except whee, 9 a.m. meeting. If I'd gone yesterday, I would have missed the gushing rain. Lucky me didn't get to.

5. My meditation class ended, at least until March when it is supposed to start up again. (Yes, I signed up.) It annoys me that they have this "thing" about how they won't offer anything during the winter or summer quarters. Okay, I understand them skipping summer, sort of (though really, if the class is being run through a year-long staff-only program, they shouldn't need summers off for lack of people), but winter? Why is this?

I have been trying to figure out some way to recruit others to practice meditation, but it's finding a location to do it in that's always the rub. They are supposedly going to be setting up an extra conference room in my office downstairs "soon," and since two of my coworkers were also in the class with me, we might be able to use that for ourselves. Wouldn't be a bad idea.

I am mainly kind of bummed because my issues with meditation aside, I can't get it to work on my own worth a damn, but it actually works for me in the quiet group setting. I was having some interesting thoughts in the last few classes that I want to ponder more in that mindset.

6. The gym is closing by 6 p.m. this week, which I found out yesterday. Between the time I get out of work and the time it takes me to drag off and drag on my three layers of clothing, that means I'd get a half hour to work out, plus having to hike home in the rain...Fuck it, that's really not worth my time for the effort. No gym this week. Wah. And I was really looking forward to a few hours of getting to use the machines without having to wade through hordes of students.

Also kind of sad: in my three layers of clothing, walking home somehow had me sweating through all three layers. Yucka. I just can't dress for the weather AND moving at the same time, apparently.

7. Mom is hella sick. It was bad enough for HER to call in sick, and this is the woman who forced me to have perfect attendance throughout high school and gave me shit for calling in sick when I had the flu and pneumonia.

8. Except for Journeyman, I've got plenty of time to sit at home and no good TV on to watch either. I'm trying to slowly go through my Netflix (Big Love this week). I am also digging up old shows I downloaded on iTunes back in the summer or something.

I finally got around to watching the pilot of "The Riches" last night, which I downloaded yonks ago and it was something I was really looking forward to getting off Netflix in January. After seeing the pilot...I dunno. I like Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard, and the daughter, but...I do not think I am all that hot for the "Travelers," who I am now thinking of as "RV trash." Skeezy vibes all over the place whenever they show those people. They even have an alterna-Joy and alterna-Randy characters in the Traveler camp, and normally I love me some redneck humor, this case, it's not funny and I'm creeped out. I dunno. I am seriously 50/50 about deleting this from my queue. Right now I'm leaving it in (not like there's going to be new television again), but if I can't stand the first disc, it's outta here.

9. I should be happy to have all this time to make people's presents. (Thank gawd my friends who like crafts are happy with me giving them something custom in 2008.) But the sheer number I have to go churn out now is pretty bad. I am not giving anything to any of the kids on Dad's side (Mom overbuys them gifts terribly, so there's NO need), nor do I gift Ron (or vice versa), and since I'm not seeing Janelle in person this year and it's way too late for me to ship anything she's not getting anything from me either, but that still leaves Tammy and Les and my aunt and uncle (no news there I can really tell you as yet) and presumably Laurie. And I only have two done so far.

Also, I feel a little doofy now that I found out (too late) that we are now supposed to gift Alicia's boyfriend Travis now. Last year we were told that due to him being born Jehovah's Witness (though he does not practice), we weren't supposed to because it would make him uncomfortable. I guess this is off now, but I wish someone had let ME know about this change. He's a nice fellow and I wouldn't mind making him something with uh, a bit of warning here.

And I should probably make Mom more stuff, at least of the quick-making jewelry variety.

And as for Mauricio, he was going to get a hat from me. Then Mom went off and bought him some really damn expensive hat in Nevada City. "Make him a scarf," she said.

*forehead smackity*


You know, I like making stuff, but damn, sometimes I wish NaNoWriMo was not in the month before Christmas crap.

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