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2007-12-20, 11:08 p.m.

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Gah. What a fucking tiring day.

As mentioned, there were four meetings today (er, Wednesday). Let's just say that I discovered a BIG #$#%$^% PROBLEM in the programming, there was also another big problem mutually discovered in the programming, and I fear my boss shall have a well-deserved nervous breakdown. What a mess. It's been one of those days where you want to go home and get drunk.

Well, at least my sixth meeting of the week got canceled, so I don't have that tomorrow. As for the boss, both she and my other coworker on the project I work on are taking all of Friday off. I am jealous (but also relieved for my boss's sanity). Also wondering if I can get away with just walking off from work midday and having nobody notice because hardly anyone else will be in the office to even notice if I came in, and it's not like supervisors are even going to be around that day. Okay, so I probably won't do that, but it'll be a temptation all day long going through my brain, I'm sure.

One good thing about this evening: really liked the last episode of Journeyman.

Mom is still massively sick, though things seem to have uh, stopped exiting her body so thoroughly once she stopped eating. Smart move there. Though if she keeps being sick, I don't know when I will be going back to the Bay this weekend. Eh, whenever, as long as it's not before Saturday I really don't care.

Oh, and adding to the drama: MAURICIO GOT A DIVORCE. For real.

For those who do not know this saga:

(a) Mauricio briefly was my dad's caregiver in between the first hospitalization and the permanent ones.

(b) He and Mom have been the best of pals since, to the point where I call him her psuedoboyfriend. No, they are not technically romantically involved, but watching them sometimes even I can't help but wonder, and I know better. It seems to be more along the lines of puppy dog crush for both of them than anything else, though.

(c) He has a longterm live-in girlfriend/"fiancee." I can't say I particularly get their relationship, but they do not exactly seem schmoopily in love all that often, given how much time they spend apart and both of them palling around with others a lot. Heck, M goes on trips with us and has spent holidays with Mom while the girlfriend is off visiting her parents- what's up with that? I don't get it.

(d) He has been technically married to some other chick for years, getting the World's Slowest Divorce Ever. He got married the second time for a green card, and once that chick figured it out, she wanted the divorce.

We couldn't help but think over the last few years that uh, maybe he wasn't too motivated to get said divorce because due to the green card thing, he'd have to immediately hop into marriage #3, and who knows how that's gonna go. So naturally, we are FLABBERGASTED that he actually signed the papers.

Supposedly the girlfriend was jumping up and down when she heard that news, and M claims they'll be getting married ASAP. And yet, he still wants to go along to Cambria with us while she's out of town for the holidays (he's working enough during that time to not be able to go across the country). Again...I guess we shall see if this actually happens. And if so, if she puts her foot down on him hanging around with Mom any more. I'm pretty surprised that she's never outright forbid him from hanging out with her, but maybe with a marriage license she'll do it. I wouldn't blame her a bit.

Anyway, what a fucked-up day.

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