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2009-12-18, 8:23 a.m.

* I strongly suspect I bought both Glee soundtracks just to have something to listen to in my mom's car. Especially since I can find the songs not on the soundtracks online.

* Have been making myself listen to the notable musical weirdos these days. After being bugged at the party about this, I'm trying to listen to more of Lady Gaga. Honestly, except for a few songs here and there ("Just Dance" and "The Fame"), I'm just not that into her. You'd think I'd be all "yay, weirdo!" or something about her, but most of her songs just kinda blend together to me.

Adam Lambert, on the other hand, sure can wail. He's a wee bit shrieky at times, but I admire his forcefulness. Not zoning out when he starts singing, that's for sure.

* They have the squirrel traps out again at work (for purposes of squirrel birth control). I think you are legally not supposed to mess with the things, and I don't particularly feel an urge to encourage more baby squirrels, but let me tell you that it is HORRIFYING to walk by a trapped squirrel screaming. So if I'm walking by the trees and I see a squirrel hanging around the trap too closely, I'll walk up to it so that the squirrel will move away. (Whether or not they get trapped when I'm not there is their business, but I don't want to hear the screaming if I am.)
Well, the other day I saw a squirrel entering the trap, too soon for me to scare it away. And it....came back out ASAP with the nut from the trap. Hah. Go squirrel!

* Why is it that every day they predict rain for later in the day (i.e. it's not raining when I leave the house), I wear my rain boots, and then it's dry as a bone all day and night?

* I loathe my upstairs neighbor and her godawful loud squeaking bed. Earplugs cannot block out the racket that it makes. I really hate that I know exactly how long it takes for her boyfriend to come at one-something in the morning. Or how many times they roll over in the night. I especially hate the part where by the time they stop fucking I am SO awake that I can't get back to sleep for hours. Why can't they move? Or get a new bed (how can she stand the racket? is she deaf?). Or GO HOME FOR WINTER? I don't think I've had more than 3 hours of sleep a night all week. Yes, it's nice to go through my Netflix faster than usual (I have to go into the room farthest away from the sex and turn up the volume on the TV to drown it out), but is it really worth it? And I'm pretty well incapable of napping to boot. I spent from 3-5 p.m. semicatatonic at work, went home to try to sleep (for once, dumbass wasn't home rolling on her bed at 5 p.m.), and still laid there exhausted and not sleeping for two hours.
She makes me wish I drank more caffeine than I do these days.

* Finishing Mom's sweater is going a LOT faster than I figured, given that it has lace (not my favorite thing to make) and cables (ditto). Even blocking the thing (given the cables, I have to soak it and let it dry flat BEFORE sewing the thing together) has gone faster than expected. So huzzah to that.

* You know that "five years ago" prompt for Holidailies? In general, my life hasn't changed much since then. I have a new and more interesting local friend group, and Dad died, and I drive and am in therapy, but other than that I do the same jobs (for less pay *cough*) and live in the same place. I live in stasisville. So, THAT would be a dull entry in full, eh?

* Speaking as a tarot dork... I have been worrying about a Likely Future Problem. I can't exactly talk to anyone about it because they'd be all, "Uh, hasn't happened yet, and you don't know for 100% certain that it will, so chill out." But it seems likely to recur, and it is a problem that has kicked me in the ass in the past, so I worry about it anyway. It's part of the whole calling thing. You know how some bad things come along with the good? Yeah. As in, "if you want X, you're gonna have to deal with Y, which you loathe with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns." And I am distinctly uncool with that. Y is why (har) I took so effing long to get out of denial, because I don't want to deal with that. Or more like, be forced to do that.
Well, my card readings of late are ah, strongly hinting that I will have to do Y if I want X, I'm not seeing any "Y will magically be gotten over by the time you deal with X" in there. And I am pissed.

* I got into the con that I did a presentation at last year. Monday at 11 a.m., which is a vast improvement from Monday at 9 a.m. :P Course, this does mean that uh, I am going to have to get to work on actually writing the darned thing up at some point... uh, January.

My group, on the other hand, didn't get in to do a presentation as a whole. Last year we did one that went over very well, and this year they submitted two possibilities (rehashing last year's and another one). I guess neither one appealed. So that's a bit of a bummer, though on the other hand it'll be less stressful on me not to be juggling 2-3 presentations to worry about at once, less crap to carry to the con, etc.

* Dear Mom: I sent you my list 3 weeks ago, please stop calling me at random times to ask what my list is. I cannot just remember it all off the top of my head, and it doesn't really matter if you're calling me from Costco and they probably don't have anything on the list anyway. Especially when the selection at Costco is uh, random.

* So I've been catching up on back episodes of Supernatural. I just finished watching the 9-year-old Antichrist episode (shades of reading Good Omens). How warped am I that I don't want my own biological children, but somehow I find the idea of adopting the 9-year-old Antichrist to be appealing? Even besides the part where he's cute and strikes me as being a pretty good kid before the reality warper powers hit him, I keep thinking, "Hey, that kid needs someone to love him as he is, keep him on the right side, and I'm warped enough to do that..." Um, yeah. We should all probably be glad that Supernatural is fiction, because who wants to live in a world where I'm raising the Antichrist not to be evil?
*shrug* What can I say, I always figured if I went the route of parenthood it'd be because I wanted to adopt a specific weird kid that was already here, not suddenly wanting my very own precious baby to make crazy. Why, yes, I did like The Blind Side, why do you ask?... I don't really have an explanation for that, why I think I'd inevitably crap up my own kid but think I'd do just fine with someone else's as long as I didn't give birth to it. At least it'd rule out the hormones making me crazier there.

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