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It Only Gets Lighter From Here On In...

2009-12-21, 8:22 a.m.

...and thank goodness for that. I'm not normally one who suffers majorly from SAD, but it has been extremely foggy (for non-SF) for days now. At work I don't tend to notice this too much because I'm trying not to spend time outside, but this weekend? Ugh.

I actually got off my ass to go to the gym on Saturday, so good for me! (No public transport on the weekend, so it's a half hour hike for me to go over there. And naturally, the crappier the weather, the less motivation I've got.) I went over there, took a weights class for an hour, worked out on a machine for a half hour--good for me! And then when I was walking home in the fog and cold and total grayness, it was bugging me, and I started getting colder and crankier. As in, I actually went home and fell back asleep after lunch. And this was after sleeping in that morning. And I slept in again the next day and still could have passed out again on Sunday afternoon. I know I'm sleep-deprived from Squeaky Fromme upstairs on weekdays, but SHEESH, I shouldn't be that zonked. And I can't even blame it on a snowpocalypse.

Mostly I sat around watching TV. I watched Dollhouse, which oddly enough gets more and more brilliant the longer each season goes on and the less that anyone cares about it. I watched my Netflix. I caught up on some television I hadn't seen the rest of the year. I have knitted the main pieces for Mom's Christmas sweater, but it requires me to block the thing before I sew it, so I'm still waiting for the sleeves not to be wet any more. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what to knit NEXT and making a giant mess of yarn in the living room. I wanted to go see Avatar, but not alone (apparently my friends have all already gone without telling me! Damn you!), or specifically not standing in the long-ass line alone. I am fine with going to movies by myself, but not when there's hordes of crowds. I may just leave work really early on Wednesday and go see it then instead.

I had a Yule party to go to last night, which I was feeling reluctant about going to because I was feeling tired, and also feeling tired of calling all and sundry to beg for rides. (Did it at the last minute.) About half of those who RSVP'd flaked, but those who showed up were quite giggly despite being mostly sober. Go figure. We also watched Matilda and had the book "Imogene's Antlers" read to us, and looked at strange videos online. We kind of ah, skipped the religious aspects of a Yule party. The hostess had wanted to do some kind of all-night vigil, but I and a few other people (including the hostess, oddly enough) had to get up early, so we went home around 2 a.m. Yup, just as I start getting sleep again, here I am having to work for the next 3 days on sleep deficit AGAIN.

Oh well, it's only three days. And the good news is, it doesn't get any darker than this for the rest of the year! Huzzah!

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