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Last Day of Work

2008-12-23, 1:52 p.m.

Happy Festivus, y'all.

I don't know why most office-y businesses even pretend that anyone is going to do work things today. Or worse, tomorrow. Really, if you don't have anything due, who's going to be all, "Yeah, I'm gonna pound out some paperwork that's not really crucial?" I didn't mind working during holiday time when I was a newspaper girl, but nowadays it just seems silly.

I would like to note that right now I am listening to very loud applause and cooing and screaming in the office. Why? Baby showed up. I am sick and staying the hell out of that. I dearly hope I don't have to pee in the next hour because I will have to brave a gauntlet to get to the door.

We had a breakfast food party at work, during which I got to find out the gory, external-fixiter-requiring details of someone's motorcycle accident in 2003. My boss gave me an ornament. Otherwise, it feels like killing time. I have ah...been occupying myself...

I am happy to announce that I am down to only ONE more yarn-made gift to finish before tomorrow- my mom's hooded poncho. I need to finish that off, hopefully that won't take too long once I get home. Yay.

I cannot WAIT to make stuff for myself again after months of making things for a purpose. I want to make myself some thigh-high legwarmers, and a long coat, and a sweater or two, before it's too cold to wear 'em. (I never have had the hang of knitting ahead of season. Who wants to make a thick sweater in August so you can have it done by October, anyway?) I picked out two yarn books I wanted and had Mom buy them for me, so I know what I'll be working on after I get my presents. Assuming I can get the suitable yarn for them sometime, anyway. Irritatingly, I have a lot of yarn stashes of one color, or maybe 3 skeins of one color when I really need 4 or 5. Awkward.

My cold continues to linger on, or shall I say, the cough continues. It's not terribly bad during the day for the most part, but I haven't been able to sleep for the last two nights because that's when it's worst and I'm almost throwing up from the sheer stress and rawness my throat will suddenly manifest at 1 a.m. Nyquil stopped working after 2 days to get rid of that. Ugh. I had a Cough From Hell for a YEAR after having pneumonia many years ago, and I am so terrified I'm going to have another permacough again. Drugs never helped it and the only thing that got rid of the first one was a lot of exercise at the gym. I have been trying to work out more this month (as opposed to all of fall where I got in maybe 3-4 workouts a month, I usually do 2-4 a week), but given what month it is, and given that there's no way I'll get any exercise between now and January, that's not going to happen soon. Argh.

I have been trying to think of what to do in the NYR scheme of things. Part of me wants to take on New Challenges! Or try to figure out how to get my ADD brain to stick to one thing for a long period of time without getting sick of it! Another part of me is all, "Um, maybe you should try doing LESS for a goddamned change."

Seriously, already next quarter I am booked to do:
* driving lessons
* TA'ing a class and taking another tarot class after that.
* Usual writers' group stuff.
* Usual Craft Center stuff.
* At least one weekend appointment once a month with the shrink to deal with mommy issues with Mom actually there (happily, this goes very well).
* preparing for the conference in February, where I will be giving one talk by myself and helping out with something else on the other one.

Um, gee, Jen, NOT BUSY MUCH?! What time will I have to work out here? Oh, wait, not a lot.

And yet I still have that inner drive within me to Make Something Of Myself Soon...not like I know how or anything.
Or at least to work on some yearlong project. I'm thinking of maybe making some kind of afghan made up of a bunch of squares so I could work on it piecemeal.

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