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A Star Wars For The Rest Of Us

2015-12-23, 10:38 p.m.

Last day of work!!!! Huzzah!!!!! I had to work the front counter today, which leads to the question of “who the heck comes into our office when our main industry is closed down and it’s the day before Christmas?” Answer: about three people during my shift. Because the nitpickiest of managers is on vacation, I basically kicked back and used up all of my New York Times allotment on their computer and probably all the Washington Post article allotments too. And when not on shift, I was downloading more knitting patterns.

I wore my Festivus shirt today, but wore it over my humping reindeer sweater...and then went around pulling up the shirt and flashing humping reindeer at my coworkers. They were actually quite delighted and oddly seemed to think it was pretty tasteful for the subject matter?! Go figure.

Anyway, even though the big boss was on vacation, he came in to say hi to everyone AND let people out of work two hours early instead of one. But here’s the fun part: since I had to work from 12-2 and couldn’t take lunch except from 2-3, and people could get out at 3....I got to leave right then and there. AWESOME!!!!!

Also, I don’t have to listen to certain people and their complaints for eleven days, which is going to be LOVELY. Man, I so need a vacation from this joint and since I probably can’t really take one this year except for Mom’s eye surgery, this is it for relaxation!

So I headed out to Target--according to the Internet, they did have cookie cutters there, and some hair volumeizing stuff--and picked those things up so I can make some felted ornaments sometime during vacation.

I ran into some guys on the street who loved my Festivus shirt and said they had a pole at home. I said I tried ordering one and they ran out, so I had to DIY one myself and they said, “even better!” Adorable. Love those guys.

And then I went to see Star Wars. I liked it, want to see it again, am bummed about one thing (if you saw it, you know what one) but overall feel like things are very promising, like the new folks, and the bad taste of prequels are out of my mouth, so yay.
I don’t know if I’ll get to writing a spoiler review of it during Holidailies (we’ll see if I get the downtime), but I’d say go if you’re into it.

Anyway, after that I went to the bookstore and found a book that finally came in, texted my boss about the movie, went home and packed my clothes and wrapped all the gifts, and talked to Mom--who has invited her Gentleman Caller to go out with us to dinner tomorrow! I get to meet the dude! Huzzah!!!!

Anyway, the packing has taken up the rest of the night, I didn’t even have dinner, and I still need to finish packing my entertainments, i.e. finish figuring out which projects I’m going to do for eleven days. I don’t know how long I’ll be around tomorrow, but hopefully I finish that bit in a not-totally-late manner.

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