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Humping Reindeer Sweater

2015-12-22, 9:16 p.m.

I have happy sweater news! I sent a message to Tipsy Elves regarding receiving the wrong sweater and they are doing the following:
(a) Refunded me 30% off the sweater.
(b) Sending me another via priority mail--not sure when that’s arriving, but I think I’ll hang around at least until the 24th to see.
(c) They said I could keep the other sweater! For free! Don’t even have to mail it back!

So now I DO have a humping reindeer sweater, which is something I’ve never quite been able to justify to myself to buy since I would only be able to wear such a thing on weekends. (And yet wearing a sweater with a dead woman on it is acceptable at work, Jennifer? Well, odds are people can’t figure out she’s dead, but everyone can figure out humping reindeer….)

So anyway, Tipsy Elves does amazing customer service if they bungle something, and I can highly recommend them for that. Especially on December 22. And I’m delighted that all things considered I managed to get two sweaters for $35-ish. That’s a Festivus miracle!

In other news, I spent the evening wandering stores to look at Christmas merchandise-- which is to say, I lost some Christmas cookie cutters and was trying to find replacements. I couldn’t find squat--the stores are pretty well cleared out already of everything both Star Wars, Christmas, and there’s definitely no Star Wars Christmas left anywhere you go. Hell, Joann’s is apparently done with the holidays and only had about an aisle and a half of decor left. Whoa.

Then I went home and talked to Monica on the phone about her planning her Minecraft-themed wedding, which sounds like it’s going to be QUITE interesting. I can’t wait to see the bridesmaid’s outfits....especially since I’m getting one, right?! :)

I haven’t gotten squat done with regards to packing up stuff (which is probably fine if I'm waiting for a package on December 24 anyway), but I have certainly prepped for my knitting projects during the holiday season....which I did a lot of at work because I had several hours where we couldn’t actually do much of anything because someone was running a computer process. I love those times. And I'm getting the last hour or so of work to be alone in my office (all the coworkers are leaving early but me), which is great. Sometimes it's annoying being the only one without a family and thus some excuse to leave early (I am the only one who isn't on vacation or leaving early, period, I think), but...ah well, that's life.

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