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Festivus Eve

2016-12-24, 10:21 p.m.

On Friday, it was pouring ass rain all morning, which kind of threw off other last minute plans I might have done for my last half day in Santa Cruz. Meg drove me around to see various houses and beaches and the UCSC campus, which was pretty different from where I went to school. I didn’t really consider the place for very long when I was picking out colleges--English majors were impacted and perpetually cloudy and cool weather is not something I like and I doubt my dad would have let me attend the place anyway--but their system of colleges within colleges sounds really cool in some respects. On the other hand, I was weirded out that the college was so big you had to drive around it, and everyone’s just isolated off in their little colleges apparently. We also had a tea party and did some last minute yarn spinning before I left, which was fun.

Happily, my rides home were uneventful, especially given that I was on a bus on Highway 17 in the rain and who knows how that could have gone. Mom picked me up and we went to Deacon Dave’s for the year. This year’s theme was a gingerbread factory, done very well. I showed Deacon Dave a picture of my light up Christmas apron (had I but known we were going there, I would have worn it over) and he said that would have added to the light count this year.

Then after that we eventually went to dinner and then Mom....basically didn’t want to go home, so we were shopping till like 11:30 at night at whatever stores were still open. Mom had to get a white elephant gift for Christmas and she ended up with a Grumpy Cat coloring book (surprisingly well done) and a disturbing alligator biting sort of game. I ended up getting an amusing shirt and a book on writing knitting patterns.

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