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Quiet Christmas

2021-12-26, 10:40 a.m.

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Christmas Day: Mom is insisting on wrapping the gifts (I told her it's way too late to bother, but she does not listen to me), so I am out in the living room writing up yesterday's movie and watching Hallmark movies I already saw this year. Still feel healthy/the usual, thank you.

Mom said her email is broken and someone tried to send her something but it bounced back, so she wants to send it to mine. Apparently she wrote "I'm having a problem with" and autocorrect suggested "daughter" "computer" and "phone."

We didn't get to gifting until 11:30. Stuff I got: some beauty products and bags, a stuffed Baby Yoda in a Christmas sweater, the Chia Pet Baby Yoda (I think Mom is embarrassed that I wanted it, but yeah...I admit it. Also, she did manage to find it after it being sold out online/everywhere else!) and ah....that giant Lego one I got last year (didn't have the heart to tell Mom I bought myself that last year) and a Mandalorian bobblehead. I got various soft, snuggly clothes (some I picked myself, some were a surprise) including one that's kind of a bathrobe dress, some purple sheets, the books I requested, stuff from Jackie's grandma's party including Baby Yoda hand sanitizer and DIY snow globes, a cookie making kit from Mom, etc.... She seemed to like her gifts all right, one hopes.

Mom forgot to get Jackie anything and Jackie is mad. Greaaaaaaaat. I literally don't know what to say to any of this. She is hella mad and hurt and wants a giant chess board cutting board thing that doesn't exist in Northern California. I told Jackie Mom does not do well at ordering things online and really can only deal with shopping in person. On the one hand, I get having your feelings hurt and feeling like nobody loves you because they didn't gift you (I note that almost none of my friends actually gave me any this year and now I feel weird for gifting them). On the other hand, it's not like you and my mom are super close, I still think it's weird to give her stuff, and demanding a fancy cutting board to make up for it is...uncomfortable. I do not want to be in the middle of this stupid shit that should not be happening and I absolutely am and it is not worth fucking fighting about, so...letting it go.

I finally heard from Scott--said Merry Christmas and sent a photo of the ornament hung on a tree. Thank you, my rage has died down now, it's ridiculous that I prioritize that, but there it is. (That said, still never gifting him again and I will probably continue with my plan of shunning/ignoring him at rehearsal if I'm still making him feel uncomfortable, which apparently I am.) Other folks have been heard from, I will need to send sillier pics to the Shiny Unicorns group chat later, but did send a Baby Yoda photo or two.

Apparently there's no yarn to be had at the Joann's or Michael's in this town, the fuck?! Seriously, nothing in stock anywhere near here, including yarns I bought recently in my area. No yarn left in this house either, GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Meanwhile Mom is taking forever to get showered and dressed and out the door and got mad at being gifted something large ("Where am I going to put this?" Me: "Outside, it seems like a lawn thing?" Her: "I can't do that!" but she bought herself an entire TRAIN...)

Later, the rest of Saturday: went over to Roger's and Mom cooked for hours, Roger mostly wandered off into his study, I sat around reading my new books and pulling out my crochet from yesterday so I had something to do (no, I didn't find any other yarn around the house or get gifted any), I'm trying to size down the dress a bit in the back while I'm at it. Dinner was excellent.

At one point Mom was on the phone to Cousin Bill and started getting into the whole "how we had to pull the plug on Dad" thing and Roger came in to give me a tour of the house and asked if he was interrupting, and I said what was being discussed and he was all "oh no, you don't need to go through that all again." Yup.

Mom insisted on buying herself and Roger a train set. I don't think Roger was into this AT ALL (I assume he was all "too cluttery for me" in his head) but he was super polite about it, and deflected when Mom was all "let's install it around the tree!" and instead was all "hey, let's get started on the movie."

I attempted to find some Christmas movie Roger wouldn't hate, but he selected "Snowbound for Christmas" on Netflix, which I suspect he picked so he could sleep through it (which he did). Frankly, it was so bland and boring I don't even feel like recapping it. Guy and girl somehow end up at fancy resort snowed in alone, getting the "Be Our Guest" treatment while the bitchy blonde girl who wants the guy ends up snowed in with a rough hottie. Then we watched the Jim Gaffigan pandemic special. Somehow we still didn't leave Roger's until 1 a.m. and I was all I AM TIRED NOW, I WANT TO TAKE OFF MY SHOES AND GO TO BED ALREADY, LET'S LEAVE and that still took awhile.

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