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2007-12-30, 11:47 p.m.

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Today was EXACTLY THE SAME AS YESTERDAY, down to the movie and yarn buying, only with Mauricio along. Sigh. (18 movies this time.) So I don't have much to say for a catchup entry, and here's a meme!

On a mailing list I'm on, someone asked for our top 10 moments of the year (Bev did the same thing.) So here you go:

1. Dad dying in January. Actually a good thing in his case, all things considered. Though I have pretty much spent the rest of the year trying to figure out what to do with my life now that it's no longer on hold. And will probably do the same in 2008.

2. The Dad Memorial Disneyland Trip right after the burial in January. Awesome. Wish we could do that in January every year, but timing really wouldn't work to do that.

3. Visiting my best friend in the O.C. without any guilt (see #1).

4. Joining the coven and meeting lovely supportive people.

5. Going to Hawaii, which was awesome even if the relatives annoyed me.

6. December trips were pretty awesome as well.

7. Actually writing out the novel I wanted to write this year and finishing its plot.

8. And getting some short stories done this year too. I normally don't write them at all.

9. My shrink has been lovely this year.

10. Going to SF for Thanksgiving this year instead of sitting at home with relatives feeling sad. Great idea, that.

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