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2002-04-23, 8:48 p.m.

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Yeah, I'm finally doing one of these. Took me long enough, huh?

(Stats current as of December 1, 2006.)


Jess: I met her while doing NaNoWriMo, and we have been hetero lifemates since. I lived at her house for a few months while my apartment was being repaired. Soon after that, she moved to the O.C. She writes novels at the speed of light.

Jackie: Moved back to SF after graduation and isn't having much fun in the job world or trying to get into grad school. She's quite the pop culture goddess, which is how we ended up being friends (she decided after hearing some remarks of mine in class that she liked me).

Anna: Friend from my hometown, who moved back to the Bay Area this year. She's good at partying :).

Sarah: Another friend from my hometown, moved to this one when she got out of grad school.

Ian: My most recent ex-roommate, volunteers where I do (we started around the same time). Very smart fellow.

3WA: Lots and lots of online friends of mine hang out there.


My parents: They live a couple of hours away from here. I've always been the spoiled brat only child. Our relationship has well, disimproved since I moved out. Things are generally difficult. I love them, but we drive each other nuts, you know? Dad's got OPCA, a nasty degenerative disease that I can't even pronounce or spell. It really makes things difficult to deal with. I don't handle it very well. I don't know how Mom deals with it every day, though it does seem to drive her nuts as well. As you can see from the sidebar listings, he went into the hospital awhile back, and into a nursing home recently. It's a Schiavo-esque situation, only I'm on the Schiavo side and my mother is on the Schindler's.

Mauricio: A former employee of ours, hired to take care of Dad in the house before he got hospitalized. That didn't last long, but we ah, kept him anyway. He and Mom are the best of pals, to the point where I call him her psuedo-boyfriend. No, they aren't, really. He has a live-in girlfriend/fiancee.

My aunt, uncle, and cousins (Mom's side): Aunt Susie and Uncle Brad are the last of the yuppies. The much preferred aunt and uncle compared to the other side of the family. They have three daughters, Alicia (22), Kristen (18) and Cassie (15). I used to be pretty close with them, but it's diminished with age. Uncle Brad is also a UCD alum, and Alicia now goes here. They live about a half hour away from where I do, so I see them a bit more often.

My aunt, uncle and cousins (Dad's side): When I talk about being annoyed with family members who nag me about marriage (or did, anyway), this is the bunch I'm referring to. I call them the PITAS a lot. They tend to be more teasey and naggy about things, which annoys me greatly. Auntie Dolores and Uncle Bruce rule the roost, and things generally better go like they say. Their oldest child, Janelle, I haven't seen since the seventh grade or so because she avoids them. My cousin Ron has all sorts of fun with them now that he's married to Laurie, who Auntie Dolores can't stand. The feeling is mutual. They have two kids, my stepcousin Amanda (who's a cutie) and Connor (that blur you saw running by). I will be amazed if that marriage lasts another couple of years. My other cousin Tammy is a cool chick, as is her husband Les. Even if Les nags me about marriage too... They've got two younguns, Justin (who's a sweetie) and Jessica (ditto)).

Grandma Has pretty much gone demented and is in a nursing home. Grandpa died, but she doesn't remember it.

Former Associates No Longer In My Life That Used To Be Mentioned Here:

Dave: My ex-fiance and the reason I originally changed the name of this journal. We were together for two years, most of which was wonderful. However, he couldn't get his financial act together enough for us to actually get married ever, so...

Demma and Scott: Demma was a friend of mine from high school. She got a new boyfriend (later fiance) named Scott who introduced Dave and I. All was peachy keen and we hung out together all the time, until somehow Scott got a bug up his ass to try to split Dave and me up by lying about Dave. This eventually led to Dave getting fed up with Scott, and thus Demma refusing to talk to me any more either. It was a mess.

Jeremy, Nikki, Teri, Gabe, Austin, Rachel, Renee, Tom: Dave's friends/ex-friends that I hung out with too during the course of the relationship. Teri and Gabe were cool but moved, Austin was an idiot, Renee flaked off and ran away and dumped Tom, and Jeremy, Nikki, and Rachel all turned out to be pretty much horrible and the stuff of Jerry Springer episodes. Boy, am I ever making this short.

Heather: A previous roommate, who moved to Sac.

Penny, Jasmine, Roscoe, Tom: Heather's cats. Penny was my favorite. Roscoe and Tom are the kittens Jasmine got pregnant with. There is much ranting in the archives about Jasmine pre-pregnancy.

Hillary: A previous roommate, who moved to Florida.

(The ex-roommates and I still like each other, but aren't in touch much.)

Denise: Dropped me this year for unknown reasons.

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