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2003-12-21, 7:31 p.m.

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A Wacky Little Holiday Collab!

Originally posted here, this collab is for those who want to get imaginative and wacky this holiday season. Or just write something ahead of time and post it for Holidailies, whichever you prefer ;)

Each participant picks a reindeer to interview- one of the original eight, Rudolph, or make up your own Leroy the Redneck Reindeer character who's secretly plotting to be the tenth on the team. Find out their true feelings on things at the North Pole!


* To join up, pick an untaken deer and e-mail me at Please post your entry and e-mail the link to me on either December 23, 24, or 25- whenever's better for you- and I'll post it here. I am unsure when I will actually get online on the 24th and 25th to post to the portal, so the sooner the better may be advisable.

* If your reindeer's going to have some involvement with someone else's reindeer, I advise that you ask the portrayer of the reindeer in question about what they're doing for their own interview. Wouldn't do for Dasher to say he's having a flaming gay love affair with Dancer, only Dancer turns out to be a girl, eh?

* We've got a GREAT set of buttons here! Take one! Or more! There's lots of great options!

* You can either use this set list of questions or make up your own questions for your reindeer. It's up to you!

Possible Questions:

* So, what do you do at the North Pole the rest of the year?

* What are you known for at the North Pole?

* What are Santa and Mrs. Claus really like? What are the elves like? What are the other reindeer like?

* Do you like working on Santa's sleigh?

* How do you feel about Rudolph? Is he the hero everyone thinks he is?


Our cast so far:

* Prancer: Beth.

* Vixen: Scarlett Belladonna.

* Comet: me.

* Cupid: Kalamity.

* Donner: Keli.

* Blitzen: Dave.

Everyone else is free, though I'd prefer it if Dasher and Dancer got picked first so we've got the full eight.

Have fun!

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