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Clone Marriage

2019-01-03, 6:01 p.m.

Interesting Moment #1 today:

At work, we came across a situation in which two gay people, well....

* They had the same first name--think like the two Kevins in Come From Away.
* They had very similar middle names. Like, slightly different spellings--James and Jaymes.
* Apparently they had decided to take one Kevin's original last name as a second middle name...and then change their mutual last name to the other Kevin's.
* Added bonus, this ends up spelling out a celebrity's name, say, Kevin James.

So basically these two married people have the same 3 out of 4 names now, legally, and a celebrity's name. It's like you married your own clone, I guess? Lord, I wouldn't want to have to deal with their Google.

Those of us in the office that day thought this was a hooooooorribly bad idea.

* "What about their credit? That is going to be so messed up!" I said. "I know someone who had a similar name to her stepmother and the credit got so messed up she had to legally change her name."
* "I have the same first name as my mom and we have different last names and it's STILL messed up," another said.

Dear lord.

One of the few reasons why I'm glad I'm not gay: the issues of dating another Jennifer :P

Interesting Moment #2 today: I went to the gym on the 30th and my card would not swipe. The attendant said "just go in anyway, my supervisor's not here today," but I was concerned that my gym membership had been canceled (it's on payroll deduction, shouldn't be) or if I'd gotten fired or what the hell ever.

I went over there today to find out what was broken/what I'd done wrong/whatever because I would like to go to the gym this weekend, and the girl was all "Have you been here a long-ass time?" "Yeah." "Ohhhhhhhh, that's what it is." Apparently there is Some Technical Issue and now my card won't swipe ever again until it's fixed--

"So that means it'll never be fixed then?" I said.
"You should work here!" she said.
"I already work here!" I said. "They never fix ANYTHING."

So now I have to be checked off on a list at the gym for eternity.

Oh well, coulda been worse.

Interesting Moment #3 today: I'm starting to wonder if my neighbor and his kid have abandoned their apartment. Ever since they moved in, the kid, who sounds like she is about two years old, has pretty much been screaming/crying when she's awake. However, I haven't heard a peep out of there since before the Days of Smoke.

I walked by there the other day and they have a notice to enter posted on the door by management, but they didn't have anything checked off as to why they were entering, like repairs or anything like that. They usually indicate.

And then today I was getting my mail and their mailbox popped open, it was so full.

Now I'm wondering if these people just flat out disappeared and haven't been paying rent or what.

We're having another person leave our office to go to grad school and that department is now so short handed that they are asking if one of us wants to part time do that job for extra money for a few months. I used to substitute in that department maybe 7 years ago or so and I liked it and might slightly qualify under those circumstances.

However, the consequences of applying for it are high--I might piss off my new boss if I so much as apply, even more if I got the job. I don't think I can risk it. I applied in that department before and they already didn't hire me so why would that change. And I suspect High Horse is going to go for it because he now volunteers to help that department with stuff and was already buddies with the departing coworker. I know damn well I can't compete against anyone else in this office so why fucking bother, especially going up against him again.

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