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I Love Renter's Insurance

2011-01-11, 9:19 p.m.

No, seriously, this is the best thing EVER EVER EVER.

1. I got a call at 7:20 this morning from relocation services saying that the insurance lady called and I am now reserved until Saturday morning, and they'll check in on Friday to see how things are going. Huzzah! WHEW!
2. Insurance lady decided to skip her meeting on Tuesday because she was so busy, so I got to talk to her and everything is great. She put in for the repair company to move out my furniture, check it and the contents for water damage, etc., so I don't have to. After having done it last time, I am fine handing that out to other people!
3. I got a call from the repair company saying that they'd haul everything to their warehouse for inventory/repair tomorrow afternoon. Huzzah!

So, all is as good as it could possibly be under the circumstances. HUZZAH!

I am debating writing up a primer for people who get flooded (then again, this blog might have already covered that for this year and 2004).

Oh, and my shrink told me she'd been flooded twice due to busted pipes years ago. So I am not the only one to do double duty on this one.

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