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And Then My Mood Went Downhill...

2011-01-14, 8:50 p.m.

Apartment news: now everything is "on hold" because "the first level of insurance" (I am assuming this is some kind of building insurance, the problem isn't mine) won't let them do anything else in the apartment (i.e. carpet) until they have inspected it. So yeah... screwed. I called my insurance lady and she reserved the hotel until the 31st and then worried about running out of money. I have 30+ days on it, but if nothing is happening...

I went by the apartment tonight and while on the good news side, they stopped running machines in the middle bedroom, on the bad news side they moved one into the hall closet. WHAT? The ceiling giant hose suckers are still running in my bedroom and in the bathroom. So still not even DRY yet. Meanwhile, the little shit who flooded my apartment is clearly still able to live in his! NOT FAIR!

Uh... I was in a good mood on Tuesday and it has gone downhill since getting the bad news on Wednesday.

Though if I can't move back this weekend, I guess it's okay if I leave overnight to go to a circus show and do the obligatory family crap I was supposed to do last weekend. So there's that.

In other news, I have come to the conclusion in life that the reason why we are all so screwed is that our technology has gotten so good that we are now doing people out of jobs because the technology is so good and so efficient that we don't need people any more... and then everyone will be out of work and homeless and dead. Greeeeat. That's a problem near and dear to my heart too. Unfortunately.

Yeah, so that's how my week is going. I probably shouldn't throw in a Mom visit on top of all of that, but I still want my new damn cell phone by now. And I'm planning on coming back Sunday night, so at least I can have Monday to detox.

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