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2005-01-15, 7:22 p.m.

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Dance class was pretty different today. Last night's class, the teacher was complaining that we need more new people in order to keep the room we're currently using (if we have more people, there's some actual leverage to keep it. We had four last night. I was all, "Um, it is a three-day weekend."). Today, we had NINE show up, four of them complete newbies. It was quite a different experience- looking at them compared to those of us who'd been there awhile, I was one of the GOOD ones in the class. Hell, I even got to do the special advanced-level stuff at the end, and found it easy. I wasn't tired by the end either.

I may not have lost a bit of weight, but I can tell my stamina is pretty damn good these days. Go figure.

After class, I wandered around downtown for awhile, going into the most expensive stores downtown because they were having "sales" (hah, still incredibly fucking expensive), looking around for a masseuse (found a place that charged $65 for an hour of deep tissue- I suppose that's reasonable, plus it's not located too far from home/campus. No, I haven't booked anything yet), wanted to go to the magazine store to look for the newest Bitch but saw a homeless guy stalking the door for change, so I ended up going to Borders instead.

Where I remembered, "Oh, yeah! I have a $40 gift certificate!", and then spent hour upon hour reading through books and snagging the last copy of Old Man's War, and going through the tree-hugging-hippie-crap section. (Though I ended up moving out of there in a hurry once two Mormons moved in behind me and started talking about Satan. I normally have no problem with the Mormon religion, but I just plain felt weird reading about psychic stuff with THAT conversation going on.)

I ended up getting Small Mediums At Large, a book about a family of psychics, because the opening was danged gripping. Kind of reminiscent of "Diary of a Psychic", or whatever that book's called.

A book I flipped through but didn't buy was When God Winks On Love. Admittedly, the title is a tad gaggy, but it pretty much expresses how I think that sort of thing happens: by odd, random coincidences, signs and portents, and total fucking random surprise. I didn't buy it because it wasn't much beyond some great stories on how couples got together, but it was a good read. (Even though I'm still wondering why the author capitalizes the Q in his name. WTF is up with that?)

I also flipped through almost all of The Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot. I have to say, this is a great, GREAT book for beginners. I really liked how it was written, and her analysis of the cards is fabulous, and I liked the real-life stories of interpretations of the cards and how the author's screwed them up from time to time! However, at the time, I was thinking, "This is kind of beginnery, and I'm not so much of a beginner, so I guess I won't get this book." But- I couldn't put it away from me somehow. I just kept having Ye Olde Psychic Feeling of "I should get this book", and not the other book I was carrying around that was kind of similar to Psychic Living. Fine, fine, I gave in.

Well, I hadn't had anything to eat since, well, yesterday's lunch (a lot of times after dance class, I'm just not all that hungry somehow), so I was going to hit the nearest takeout joint, i.e. Wok N' Roll. But somehow, I kept having a psychic feeling of "Go get Thai Food. Go to Thai Nakorn." I didn't especially want to go out of my way to go over there, and I wasn't 100% sure they did takeout, but somehow my feet wouldn't stop going when I hit the corner where the Chinese place was. I even tried to go to the closer-by Thai place that did takeout, but despite their sign saying they were open till 9, they also had the "Closed" sign up. Okay, fine, I said, I get the hint, I will GO to the other place, stupid freaking psychic feelings!

I walked in and there was nobody there, except about 6 waiters on shift, bored off their asses and desperate to seat SOMEONE. (I don't know what happened- last time I was in there it was packed.) They were not only quite disappointed to hear the word "takeout" come out of my mouth, they obviously thought I was batshit crazy to walk in and make an order for takeout right then and there instead of having called one in. Nothing quite like wearing a really strange outfit (my sweats do not go with my trench coat, which in turn does not go with my black fuzzy hat for the cold weather) in front of cute Thai waiters who think you're a nutter.

I was wondering if going there for takeout was some sort of psychic thing, like I was supposed to meet someone there that was significant or something. Didn't happen. On my way home, I was all, yeah, that was embarrassing, and I am not doing it again without phoning ahead and dressing up, and why was I supposed to do that again?

Then on the way home, I found a nice table on the side of the street that said FREE. And it was about the right size for a table in my living room, and it was even adjustable!

See, you'd think this would be a nice psychic story, except that I couldn't possibly pick up this damn heavy table and drag it 2 blocks down to my apartment by myself, and I had no one around to go fetch it for me, so I had to let it go. It'll be gone by tomorrow morning, I'm sure.

What was the point of THAT, I ask?

I ended up telling Mom to not drop off the couch tomorrow, that I hadn't done shit on fixing up the living room and wouldn't be done any time soon, either. Phew. We fought, of course, but in the end she was kind of glad not to have to haul it up tomorrow when she didn't get anything done today. Course, I think it was pretty damn hypocritical of her to give me a speech on how SHE gets rid of all of her stuff when the last time I was home, nobody could sit on any of the furniture because crap was piled on every available surface.

And I'm obviously STILL stalling on cleaning up the living room right now, aren't I?

Oh, I forgot, I have more to say!

1. I'm watching Joan of Arcadia on tape right now, and two quotes from the episode really hit me:

(a) Will: "All you have is family. Family is all you can rely on."
Kevin: "Doesn't that make the world pretty small?"
Will: "Yeah. It does."

For those of you wondering at home, this pretty much describes my family's attitudes in a nutshell. Even though Mom was griping tonight that Dad's relatives won't let her borrow their cars and wanted to show up at my place while I wasn't home to deliver the couch.

(b) Joan: "Things are a little bit out of control, don't you think?"
God: "From where you stand, it may seem that way. But from my viewpoint, everything's perfect."
(A few seconds later, after Joan complains about getting the lead unexpectedly when she was barely tolerating the chorus:)
God: "I know. Just when you get comfortable, bingo! A new surprise."

(And in this episode, God is revealed to be not only a janitor chick, but the insane "Johnny Broadway" director who loves to watch the theater go into chaos to boot. Though it is great that his/her machinations do finally reveal that Joan does have A Talent For Something!

Self-explanatory with reference to me, eh?

2. Remember that collage thing I was talking about yesterday? Instead of cleaning the living room, I did this yesterday instead on the bulletin board, which managed to survive the flooding:

Here's a rundown on what it shows:
(a) "You can do it"-type T-shirt slogans in the top left corner, with a girl with a thin belly (close as I could get to finding a fitness thing) and Wonder Woman.
(b) Underneath WW, John Mayer. No good reason, really :)
(c) I cut up some of my catalogs from the CC and from the EC and posted the classes I'm going to take, as well as my photo from the catalog. Next to the craft stuff is a bit from a magazine (the filmstrippy bit) about creativity and friendship, or something.
(d) In the middle are pictures of girls and their friends, with a "meet cool people" bit and a "pals" bit. Yeah, we know what I'd like this year.
(e) On the right side top corner, a big ol' rant bit, a pretty shooting star, a sign about peace to represent stability (har).
(f) In the middle of that, my beloved VW New Beetle and a "Drivers Wanted" slogan (okay, perhaps this is a bit optimistic).
(g) Bottom right has a bedroom set, to represent how I need to redo the apartment nicely somehow.
(h) And at the bottom of that, meditation/witchy/wishy/fortunetelling items.
I guess that's most of what I listed last night, right?

Kind of ironically, when I was checking the magazines at the bookstore, I found an article in this magazine on creating spells via collage. Pretty much the same thing as my link from yesterday, but pretty cool, eh?

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