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Karaoke Lovefest

2020-01-15, 9:45 p.m.

This is all I did with my time on Monday.

This is all I have to do with my life.


Hannah had her MS confirmed.

I pissed off coworkers again today. Tigress wanted me to help her and Lioness out because they hadn’t gotten through all the emails in a week and I said fine, and then (a) half the computer systems broke down, (b) I was forced to use our “upgraded” computer system that isn’t working all the way and that made me want to stab myself in the head and really impeded me from doing much, (c) oh, we don’t have time to train you, can you just read the documents?, and then (d) I had a bunch of stuff in my own job that was super urgent dropped on me. Like I had to do drop everything else and do that instantly or else.

Normally saying, “Hey, I just had X dropped on my head, I can’t do yours right now, I’ll get to it when I’m done with X” would be fine (it was yesterday, for example), but Tigress would NOT take “I can’t do it right this second” for an answer today and kept bugging me every 5-10 minutes. “Are you doing it now? Are you doing it now? Are you doing it now?” I cannot tell her no, or back off, or anything, but ended up losing it anyway, I got reported on, we get to have a group meeting about it on Friday...god. Just shoot me now.

For fuck’s sake, she knows what goes on when someone makes you do something instantly, she should know better than to keep harassing me about it. This is not her normal behavior and I don’t know why she wouldn’t just wait. Gah.

Once again: hating my job, can’t get another job, don’t care about any of the reasonable job options out there, nothing else I care about doing at all, don’t have the brains to run my own business, cycling back to “stuck forever.” I was a real joy in therapy today, lemme tell ya :p Why do I waste the money when neither of us has any idea of how to make anything better?

On a better note, I heard this story today. Matthew Dicks was trying to impress his future wife by attempting to make an avocado melt she liked. He called up the restaurant, got them to send the recipe (it was 15 years ago), bought an avocado even though he had no idea what to do with it, didn’t know how to cut it up* and it turned out not to be ripe, and then she showed up and he had no meal ready for her.

* Same thing happened to me the one time I tried to do anything with an avocado and embarrassed myself at the CC.

Luckily for him, she was impressed as shit that he (a) remembered that she liked it and (b) tried to make it, so that worked out for him.
It reminded me of me a lot, mostly about being clueless in the kitchen. And when there’s been a potluck going on, me trying to figure out what to bring that doesn’t have any allergy issues. I presume Scott has some idea of that, at the very least after the last one when I was going on about it. Sigh.


Ashley was all, "Oh, YOU'RE the Jennifer that came by the booth!" I forgot the "everyone has multiple Jennifers" issue and she thought I might be one of several other ones that might have dropped by. So that cleared THAT up. She also got her medication sorted out, so she's no longer hauling Freddy the oxygen luggage around any more, though at one point she figured out that the metal in her disco ball earrings from prom set off her pacemaker. Girl has an odd life if that becomes an issue....

I am guessing that the intense rehearsal schedule is not as intense, since Robert was there when I got there and Scott came in around a half hour-ish later and said he was out sick last week. "When did that happen?" came out with regards to my hair. He also said that his mom dropped the gift off a few nights ago and he said he cracked up laughing when he saw it and liked the jacket details and the chest hair particularly. I'm vaguely guessing this came up around Robert earlier since Robert seemed not shocked at this coming up in conversation.

I guess everyone else has been chatting without me though, as Robert asked if we were all still going to dress up for the escape room and I said I still want to, I have the outfit planned out and all that. The theme of this one is evil sorcerer/vampire so we weren't sure if "dress up as vampires" (previous idea) was gonna fly or not. Anyway, Robert said he had a “usual” vampire hunter outfit already and I'm thinking "usual?!" (As Redhead Sarah and I were saying the next day over text, this group is costume people. Sarah is supposed to be going too now, but I guess we'll see in practice what with her kids and all.)

Robert, who's allergic to peanuts, said he tried some nuts at rehearsal today and felt fine, except he was yawning a lot, which according to the Internet is an allergy sign. I was all, I have no idea what to say about this. But he and Scott left early after that. It's a shame they did that, because by the end we were having a giant lovefest around here.

Before he left, Scott sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Which on the one hand, hey, Freddie Mercury! On the other hand, well, check out the opening lyrics of that one. I had to restrain myself from facepalming. Like, dude, will you ever? Also, geez, I am still not doing anything here to bring this on.

Matthew is still MIA (which may be all for the best given the relationship drama) and Jim was the happiest he's ever been (per him, to me) DJ'ing again. He started training Ashley in it after a while. He referred to himself as "your narcissistic karaoke host" at one point. He also spilled water all over his face at another point--I've totally done that myself--and I was all, "Your dad is having an interesting night," to Ashley.

Frank has now been dubbed "Frank 2.0" for switching to more modern tunes instead of Johnny Cash. He has now embraced Maroon 5 and wanted to do "Cake By The Ocean" with me again and then later wanted to do "Girls Like You," but we were out of time for that. Doris was all, "He must have a new girlfriend" and I.... am going to stay quiet as to what I think might be going on there, sigh.

(You know what's ironic? It'd be more age appropriate for me to date Frank than Scott...Frank's closer to my age, albeit in the other direction. Go figure. Too bad I have the issues that I do here.)

Doris asked me what I was up to and I was all, not much, everyone else got into the show, and we talked about how I'm hard to cast, even though she thinks I could have played a seductress. Hah. Not with this face, y'all.

Doris and Sue brought in another guy, Ken, who rocked "I Want It That Way" and also did "Shallow" with Ashley, who can really do Lady Gaga, as it turns out. He also liked my singing, or at least the bouncing around a lot I do, I think.

I was actually quite in demand at the end, as I had three people wanting to do a duet with me at the end--Frank, Ken, and (new-ish girl) Ericka. Then we ran out of time, so next week, y'all. Everyone loved my outfit (another rainbow hand knit) and Sue was all, "You're awesome, I adore you" to me. Ericka was all, "I love your outfit, even though I am wearing all black!"

Seriously, by the end there was a giant lovefest going on around there. Jim played "Closing Time" and said that when Ashley had been having heart surgery at Stanford, he'd go do karaoke at a gay bar.

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