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Pre-Burial Activities

2007-01-23, 9:42 p.m.

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I forgot to mention that the burial got moved to 10 a.m. Wednesday, because the other funeral home in town closed and this one is too overloaded to have done it today. Which means that we can't leave for Disneyland until probably at least 1 p.m. (after Auntie D's lunch that she is insisting on having), so we won't get in until like midnight or so. And since Mauricio apparently has to work at seven a.m. on Saturday, that means we day at Disneyland. I am pissed about that.

Too bad I won't be able to get online to detail whatever family feudin' goes on tomorrow, it may end up being fairly comedic. My Aunt Susie, who can't stand Auntie D, wants to come to the burial, but not the lunch. And then there's the whole Mauricio thing- it's supposed to be family only, his girlfriend wanted to come, plus now I'm all worried that the PITAS will get all whack-jobbed-out about meeting him. *sigh* Drama, drama, drama.

I've been cranky today. We spent most of the day doing coffin-related stuff. Yeah, that was fun.

Mom and I argued over what to dress him in. I wanted a suit, but at this point in time he can't ah, fit into a suit. She wanted him to wear sweats. A lot of my crappier memories of Dad are of him in sweats, drooling and looking awful, so I didn't want that. We ended up compromising on him wearing cords and a plaid shirt.

He also ah, had no underwear. (Mom "gave it away." Who the HELL gives away used underwear?... I don't wanna know.) So we went to Target and she bought him these black silk boxers with glittery red hearts on them, which amused her because she bought him something like that in the early years of marriage and he never wore them. I figured they were something he well...wouldn't have worn over his dead body, but now... If anything would make him roll over in his grave, wearing boxer shorts with hearts on them would do it. But on the other hand, it's silly to buy a pack of tighty-whities for burial, so...there ya go.

Then there's the "what to put in the coffin" thing. Various family members have donated toy items related to planes, trains, and automobiles (and football) to put in the coffin. I gather there is some kind of shelf or container or something to put those in. Mom dug up a rosary and a St. Christopher's medal to put in, and wrote this long letter to explain the objects to put in with him. She also put in a cribbage board and cards.

My contribution was the wheelchair poncho, which was the last gift I ever gave him. It has a sad history because it never even got opened on Father's Day (it took all day long to get him ready to leave- no time for gifts) and if he ever had a reaction to the damn thing, I never heard about it. Mom dug it out of a pile o' crap when I asked about it. So, strictly speaking, it wasn't exactly a loved object. Plus it's kind of weird to put my knitting in a coffin. Gone forever.

But... that's what kept coming to mind as something to put in, so I did it, even if Dad wasn't into it.

So...yeah, I was crabby today. Fun times.

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