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2012-01-28, 9:29 a.m.

It's time for Zipcar, Round 8. Mission: Drive to Sacramento again, this time hitting downtown/Old Town.

Today I went to a psychic fair, where I picked up a buttload of psychic magazine articles, got my aura cleaned (the left side was prickly) and got three psychic readings on my future.

All week I had the bugging-me psychic urge to go back to the city on Saturday. I didn't particularly want to do it that day, mind you (I am trying to spin enough yarn to make an entire hoodie out of before I can't borrow the wheels any more, and that deadline is tomorrow afternoon), but the psychic ping was bugging me. Why? I dunno. Maybe it was just time to attempt The Big City (and its goddamned horrible freeway area) again after the disaster in December. Anyway, I was trying to come up with something or other to do there. There were two events that I spotted going on: a pirate fest (which was rather expensive, plus I don't have quite the right outfit), and a psychic fair. Now, I saw that-- plus the aforementioned psychic tugging on me-- and I figured hey, that must be it. I get pulls here and there about stuff at times, like I should go somewhere or not sit there or I need to go hear someone say a certain thing, so I figured that was it.

I recruited Monica to go with me (awesome). I also dressed in The Most Boring Outfit I Possibly Own (navy blue college sweatshirt, jeans, black shoes, no bling) rather than dress in my usual tie-dyed hippie so I could present a more neutral front. Yes, I know about "cold reading" and all that crap, even if I don't (try to, well, who knows if it's inadvertent) do it myself, so I didn't want to give away too much. Other than "I look like a college student," but I look like that no matter what, so might as well dress like it. Also, I get enough stuff about me wearing purple that I felt like I should be different for a change. Monica, on the other hand, went full on hippie. Heh.

The folks there were friendly and all that. I got the aforementioned aura cleaning so I didn't bring in other people's bad juju-- I thought, "hm, good thing I haven't seen Mom for a few weeks, BWAHAHAHAH"-- and bought 3 20-minute consultations. They had a wide variety of services-- aura, healing, past lives, palm reading, tarot, etc. etc.--but I wanted to talk about my future. And this giant huge problem I have been having lately of what the fuck to do, when to move, blah de blah. I wanted some second opinions on this stuff from people who don't know me. I wonder if I am just crazy (well, duh) to have the psychic pinging about a move, so I wondered if someone else would pick it up too.

Did that happen? ...Not exactly. Did I feel like I got anything that couldn't have been picked up via cold reading-ish things? Stuff out of the blue? Not really... Which is kind of sad. Dad would have rolled over in his grave over me doing this. But hell, it was $10 apiece to talk to people and that is cheap enough for my conscience, I suppose.

The first one picked up a move--well, I'm in a college sweatshirt, this is likely, right?--to the south for weather purposes (won't argue that), though she thought it was Bakersfield. Bakersfield?! I mean like, UP of Bakersfield. Buh...? She was all, "are you going to move in two months?" Hah, not even possible. Said I was impatient to move but was worried about safety-- well, yes. She also said I was a free spirit but wanted to control everything. "Isn't that everyone?" I said. She said I'd been researching things (no surprise there) and kept going back and forth on stuff, and I was going to change my mind on the move yet AGAIN, but after that new information was going to come in to change things again. She did this "timeline" thing where she drew a line in the air...she kept insisting on working on weeks. I think this is a years-long problem here. She said in about five weeks the new information would come in about this. That's probably right around (god help me) lease renewal time. She also said "don't move alone," which I agree with if I can just pull it off. Oh yeah, and she mentioned a dark haired woman in maroon to talk to...this one blanked me out, then it occurred to me that the lady I buy roving from kinda fits that description. Hell, I'd been talking to her earlier today. So...shrug.

She did make some comment about a spirit guide (to be expected, I suppose, under the circumstances, but no, I don't have any siblings and no idea if it's my grandmother), but what got to me was the part where she picked up a white guy with dark hair and asked if I'd talked to him about moving yet. "I can't, I haven't met him yet." She said I was manifesting him. So THERE was something...though yeah, that is also a generic description. That was as close as I got to that.

The second one did a 3 card tarot reading. I'll be honest with you, this lady was working in the main lobby room and could very well have overheard stuff we were saying in the lobby while waiting around, like me making the aura comment about Mom. I drew Justice, The Hanged Man, and Temperance.

Justice-- she said I need to become more grounded, that I am living in my imagination/in the clouds rather than dealing with reality. It kind of makes more sense with the picture, if I had one. Hanged Man-- I'm contemplating and all over the place and have a lot of interests. And am clairvoyant (I'd like to point out as a technicality that that word means you are specifically vision-y, which I am not, but I think she meant it like the word psychic). Again, well, I'm here, aren't I? Temperance- mentioned a spirit guide here, really pointed at the picture a lot for this one, saying I was going to get more on the ground, that I should take meditation classes (guess what they teach here), but then she went on about how I keep listening to other people and am all filled up with their dream-destroying juju--especially Mom's, she asked me how old Mom thinks I am and I said "twelve." And I need to dump them out and fill up my own cup (that's a card metaphor) and focus on actually doing stuff.

None of the stuff I was shooting for came up (sigh), but that's cards for you.

The third one worked over Skype. The camera wasn't on on her end, I just heard voice. I don't know if camera was on on her end or not, but I made sure to talk into the camera plant anyway. This one was kind of the most fun to talk to in a sense, but the stuff I was shooting for didn't come up at all. Mostly she was all, "Yeah...I'd be seeing a crossroads of two paths, but then it just turned into this giant morphing mess of options. No wonder you're confused! Know the feeling." At one point she likened it to a yarn tangle. Yeah, that's how I feel about it. She said there was one thread in the tangle that stood out to her..."are you pondering taking a class or is there some class you've taken that's significant?" Well, yes, the one I met all my old friends in. Which is off and on at this point (not on now, might be in spring, I don't know) She said I was looking to do a more spiritual path and I kind of knew what I wanted anyway, I just need to clear out all the baggage, something like that.

Anyway, like #2, she was all "a lot of people don't support you in doing this, they're bringing you down, you need to get support from people who are okay with it." She specifically said I should look into the people from class for this. Now, class as is isn't going on right now, and god only knows what is going on with the instructor any more (she has not responded to e-mail, fuck if I know any more), but Merry and Monica are from that class, so I figure this means them.

Nothing about moving or a dude really came up. I tried bringing up a move tentatively, but that didn't really happen somehow.

So...yeah. Mostly just could have been cold reading, making up stuff from what I said. This is entirely possible/probable/likely, and yes, dad's probably rolling in his grave that I did this stuff. (Said as much to #2, who was all, "eh, he's a being now, he probably got over it.") Did not exactly get what I was shooting for, mostly seemed like they picked up me being a confused mess as much as I am. And yeah, mom issues.

I went in hoping for certain results (you know, like the dramatic ones you read in books) and that doesn't really happen when I go to professionals. The previous two times I did them I got (a) an hour's worth of "Seriously, you need to separate your energy from your mother" and (b) "uh...teacher? You relate to women?" stuff from people doing it for free. Nobody ever predicts love or stuff like that for me. No no!

Anyway, I am happy to report that my driving went smooth like buttah, at least. No incidents! Monica navigates beautifully even when my GPS did not want to work again, and we got to downtown and later Old Town (still had some time on the rental, so we bummed around a bit) with no problems and no freeway incidents.

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