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Craft And Book Shopping Fun

2012-02-04, 6:36 p.m.

Woo hoo, had a really fun day today!

This week's driving excursion ended up being on a Thursday to ah...go pick up Thai food for volunteering night. Silly, I know, but folks wanted Thai food, and it takes me about 25 minutes to get to the place I usually go to by bus and foot, and then another 20ish to walk back because I can't catch the bus on time to return. With the car it was about 8 minutes to the place, 8 back, and then uh...probably 10 minutes trying to figure out how to park the car on a curve yet again in its assigned parking spot. Eh, it still counts and fits my current every-other-week-I-do-a-weekday-drive thing.

I had been pondering doing a weekend drive as well, and found out that there was a bead and gem show in Roseville this weekend. Since last week Monica and I went into a rock store at one point and I found out she liked them, I thought she'd be into it. I was talking to her about it at the CC (she has been coming in before a night class) and the other girl sitting in the lobby with us was planning on going too. So we all went together! The new girl just moved here and yup, she's totally a crafty, fun to hang out with person. Yay!

So we went to the gem store and got tons of stuff--I suspect they might have outspent me, and that takes some doing. I bought a lot of bead strings for either $2 or $5, some $6 pendants, and some $2.50-ish resin flower beads and a set of earrings. Fun times! Then we did lunch, then we went into a stamp store, then we found the world's most shocking bookstore. It looked like THIS. Seriously, I've never seen a bookstore so full in all my life. I am surprised they still take more used books because HOLY SHIT THEY ARE FULL. There is no way you can go through the entire store and find stuff, there are so many piles. Naturally, everyone stocked up. And then we finished it off by a trip to the nearby Hobby Lobby. Had we not been at the gem faire earlier, I think more shopping would have been done because we had no idea that store was so nice and huge. Great yarn selection. Even had a fabric section. And the mosaic section was the best I've seen in a chain craft store. I'm keeping that in mind for later classes.

We're plotting another trip to a another gem faire + a sewing faire (conveniently all on the same weekend) in late March. Huzzah!

So I'm quite happy today.

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