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Second Shot?!

2021-02-17, 10:08 p.m.

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Today at work:

The Quarterly Big Project got done today, finally. During which I found More Weird Errors in the computer system, and I sped proof read everything for everyone else and everyone else was like, "Thank god you are here, hope you never retire or take a day off because we would NOT manage to find all of the stuff you did," plus the speed reading. Then fifteen minutes after it was turned in, someone was all "Oh, can we make a last minute change?" and I was all "already sent it to The Powers That Be" (our absolute Line In The Sand because TPTB already don't like us as is without us having to go "oops, we made a mistake, please, can we redo it?") "so no." Ms. Extremely Last Minute, Doesn't Respond To Emails For Two Weeks apparently threw a shit fit at the higher-ups and wouldn't take no for an answer, so she got what she wanted. Joy. In other news, various other things are broken and my boss was all "I need a keeper," to me. This was amusing.
Not a bad day at work, mind you, it was actually fairly entertaining with the drama. I think I spent most of the afternoon chatting with people more than anything else.

I had lunch with Eva today, we discussed craft projects for the last few months and she got a new roommate, who sounds nice. She also had some kind of...incident? with a dude that she was talking to about wood stuff and she wondered if he wanted to date her, but she freaked out about it because she can't pick 'em. It sounds like he might have been interested, but took the hint and backed off and hasn't contacted her in a few weeks, so good. Sounds like her new roommate is actually a decent guy, but 20 years younger and seeing someone else and she doesn't want to date anyway--but he's nicer than her exes.

She also reasonably pointed out that it doesn't sound like you-know-who is treating me right. Which, I dunno if we don't talk any more, but....yeah. I know I should get over this. Any reasonable person would get over this because there is no point.

In other news, Mom got her first vaccine at RiteAid today. Doesn't sound like she had any reactions, BUT when she asked about scheduling the second shot, the lady at RiteAid was apparently bitchy/cranky/not wanting to give shots/in the mood for this shit today ("What happens if something goes wrong?" "Call 911") and told her "the state will email you." I HIGHLY DOUBT THIS and told her so. Great, now I'm gonna have to be one of those people who spends all their time trying to get someone else a shot? So far, no luck :P

I am reading up on other people's finding of shots, but it's not really helpful in different states and I'm not finding shit about scheduling a second shot beyond "you should get scheduled right after you get the first shot!" I tried asking online if anyone knows of the CA website actually scheduling people for appointments and got a whole lot of "The RiteAid lady wasn't lying!" and "The system isn't broken!" and "I got my notification in Washington State!" Um....not to nitpick this, but I ASKED ABOUT CALIFORNIA, FOLKS. NOT THAT YOU GOT NOTIFIED IN MASSACHUSETTS. This is not a national system, hearing that you got notified in Massachusetts does not answer for the state we are in. I will note that the only Californian to respond was all "Yeah, the website's been up a week, I have my doubts, I don't think anyone knows."

Mom also said that Mauricio got his and he reacted to it, something to do with his hand and he had to go to the hospital about it. Oy. She said he was out from work for a week but implied that he just likes to take advantage. I was all uh, I dunno, HOSPITAL for this?!

Jackie's grandmother was briefly released from the hospital, continues to do very poorly, and is going back again tomorrow morning. I don't know specifically if she has Covid or not, I am certainly afraid to ask.

After work I watched an online play called "Perfect." "A cell biologist and her brilliant, wheelchair-using son discover their research is being used to clean disabilities from the human genome. A young couple turns to an app to design the “perfect” child. Perfect is a dive into the brave new world of genetic engineering."

Garry, an attitude-y guy who's declared "trouble," doesn't shower, also uses a wheelchair and is tired of having to be grateful to people for a ramp (no argument here). Gets kicked out of things, apparently. He also wants to get someone else's DNA out of their toothbrush. RUH-ROH. His chatbot wonders if she's considered disabled for not having a body. Charlie is his mother.
Mark needs a kid for social media and doesn't want to use his own bad genes to make one. His wife Jeanine objects to this. Why can't we invest in a really perfect kid? So she says, we can do CRISPR! "It's a pair of scissors that swim into our DNA and nip and tuck the kid into what we want it to be." "I want to stop renting kids that you hate and that I fall in love with. Even when they are complete embarrassments to our social media strategy." Is this legal? " Mexico...."

There's Morgan, the "CEO/venture capitalist," drops by with a wheelchair for Garry. He is as unpleasant as he can manage. Morgan points out that he's banned from campus, unpleasant, smelly, requires lots of expensive ADA protections and isn't doing all that great of work anyway, so he might as well work for her. ... Why does she want this dude? Because Charlie told her to, I guess? Charlie takes the job.

Madeleine and Danny have what I am guessing is a genetically engineered child, who is so good at basketball that the coach doesn't let him play. Also, little Chase isn't allowed to wear dresses because "basketball players don't wear dresses." OY. But what happens when more and more CRISPR kids happen and he can't keep up with them? Oy again.
Even Charlie seems to think her kid is a pain in the ass and doesn't want to admit they are related, and "it takes a half hour of negotiation" to deal with him. Also, he quits jobs and just generally sounds like a 'tudey pain in the ass.

A grown up Chase's teammates hate him for being designed for basketball. He also has some kind of incurable rash and keeps dressing up.

I guess Charlie/Garry have some kind of CRISPR going on and Morgan wants it.

Jeanine and Mark have a fake kid, Trevor. They just got reported on to social media, so Mark decides to fake Trevor's death. O FFS.

Danny is resentful that he was too short to play basketball and now has to have a crap job "taking orders from an AI." Hence why poor little Chase has a basketball instead of a teddy bear.

Apparently Garry leaked some info online, despite the NDA. So that went well.

Flashback to Madeleine and Danny: can't have a biochild, too many genetic disabilities. Danny wants a darker skinned child because well, that's what basketball players have. Madeleine is all "he won't be African-American, he'll inside be a white kid from Marin County." (I will note that this somehow also causes rashes.) Danny wants a boy.

Jeanine got pregnant. She refers to the baby's "evil bio-dad." Uh-oh.

We find out that Garry wanted Charlie's DNA so he could sort hers out and then look for his bio-dad and relatives, since she won't say much of anything about the sperm donor. "Was it surfer dude? Sex cult? Rapist?" Duh, of course it was a sperm bank. Supposedly the "Nobel Prize" sperm bank, which was a lie...and Garry's not-walking is genetic. "I love you. I don't love your body." Buuurn. Also, Charlie was the hacker/revealer, suspecting something on "the ninth floor" is wrong.

Jeanine's ex didn't want a child, he just wanted an app he could control and kill. "So he ghosted me." Barf. She skipped the genetic testing.

That was more interesting than I thought it would be. I haven't really liked the last few plays they've put on that I watched--so bad that I actually double booked (semi-cluelessly) to do a storytelling event at 7, but I ended up skipping it (also it went for over 2 hours). That's fine, I'm sure that event will be on YouTube later.

I did ask how the last wheelchair in the show--a flying drone--would be executed onstage and everyone kinda made faces and were all "That's what we'd like to know!" The playwright suggested wire removal and video and visual effects. "It's much more dramatic to work backwards" with Chase's plotline, he said. (I texted this to the Kelly/Shanna group chat, where we were discussing plot stuff all afternoon.)

"Keep attending plays, people I can't see!" said the lady who runs these things. What a hoot.

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