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2021-02-19, 10:14 p.m.

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I'm up too early, so.... WandaVision! Episode 7.

It's Modern Family, Superhero Version. We've all been there, right? Expanding the borders of the false world we created? Wanda decides to quarantine herself, as "that'll show me." Also, objects are glitching in the matrix. "It's probably just a case of the Mondays, am I right?"

Not much Vision in the credits, just Wanda's name over and over. Dead air is on for everyone outside. Vision wakes up and finds out that he's literally joined the circus. As has Darcy, who is now an escape artist. Wanda is very obviously having a nervous breakdown. Agnes comes in to take the kids out. "She was one split end away from cutting her own bangs." The house continues to redecorate itself in older styles.

Jimmy reads through what Darcy sent him about "Operation Cataract," in which Tyler was trying to reanimate Vision, which he didn't manage until Wanda did it. "You know, part of me seriously wanted a guest part on the show, but that sucked," Darcy says as Vision brings her brain back online. Darcy doesn't know who "that imposter Pietro" is," and they take off with the funnel cake van. It's the "Funnel of Love."

The house continues to redecorate itself. Why can't she fix it? Whoever's behind the documentary camera asks if she thinks she deserves it. "You're not supposed to talk."

Commercial about depression! Ask your doctor about Nexus, it anchors you back to your reality, or the reality of your choice! "Nexus, because the world doesn't revolve around you. Or does it?"

The kids are hanging out with Senor Scratchy. Little Billy likes that Agnes is "quiet on the inside." "You try telling a ten-year-old that his mother is cuckoo for cocoa puffs."

Monica spacesuits up and tries to ram her way through the barrier. This does not go well. Like her vehicle gets SPIT OUT. Monica at least has gotten out of it first. She decides to go it alone and makes it in minus vehicle. She finally spits out....with a new eye color and literal aura vision of the place. She blinks it off.

Darcy explains how Wanda killed Vision to save half the universe. Vision notes that somehow Wanda keeps creating impediments so he can't go home. "I am not amused." Darcy reveals that she is a WandaVision shipper.

Monica runs back into Wanda's house, trying to explain, and Wanda attacks her with magic. Monica appears to have gotten some of her own. "Don't let him make you the villain." "Maybe I already am." Agnes sees the showdown from across the street. Monica reveals that she's also grieving. Agnes intervenes and takes Wanda away.

Um...why don't you guys just get out of the truck and walk? It's not THAT far. Vision is all, why am I sitting here, talking to you? Uh, yes....Finally he just like, phases out and flies away.

Down in Agnes's--Agatha Harkness's--basement. Agatha introduces herself. SHE'S GOT HER OWN SHOW CREDITS FOR "AGATHA ALL ALONG." "And I killed Sparky too!" PLEASE STAND BY, show is over for the week. No, wait, there's seven more minutes of it and the regular end credits are rolling?! I call shenanigans. Cut to Monica trying to snoop around and finding the basement doors. "Snoopers gotta snoop," says Pietro, showing up for the first time all episode. 5 minutes left of show. More credits. With circus music. Oh, I guess it's actually over?

I also watched this storytelling show. "Hurricanes sort of became our thing," said Nancy Davies, who has happily moved away from hurricane land and gotten happily married after meeting a guy in a hurricane shelter.

I am becoming a wine mom without being a mom, I think, given the boozy wine conversation I had with my teammates this morning, and I introduced them to the joys of chocolate wine and where one can get some.

My boss was supposed to be off today but ended up being in for most of the day since the rest of her appointments got canceled (whew). She has managed to injure herself twice this week, plus there's the other kid's broken arm....well, let's hope nobody else gets injured around there!

Other than that, it was a medium-frying day. One issue has been floating around for like a month--someone asked for something Extremely Weird and it got sent to everyone/me multiple times and I sent it back to my boss going "Um....THIS DOES NOT SOUND RIGHT, can someone clarify?" and then I never heard back and my boss then sent it to Hope and Hope didn't get what was going on with it either, and then it got sent back to me again (with a due date of "basically today") and I was all "I give up on asking for help, I'm just going to try to key it like they say," and then ran into a ton of problems and was all "I still can't do this," sent an email back to my boss that boiled down to ARGGGGGGGHHHH, and my boss finally got this chick to get on our Zoom call to explain what she wanted. Whew.

But seriously, I was like, done with this day and had a few hours to go. Oh well, PEACE AND QUIET FOR 48 HOURS!!!!

In other news, Hope knows the lady who runs Capital Storytelling (Lisa, who I've taken classes from), so we talked about that at work since she knows Lisa from her old job and I mentioned going to an event with that tonight. That said, I didn't take too many notes on it: there was one karaoke story. One girl was talking about interviewing at grad schools, totally bombing at one and then finally finding one she was fitting in with. One guy had one about imposter syndrome. Another one was talking about being queer and out. Maybe my favorite after the grad school one was the lady who talked about a magical house (Believe House in Indiana?) that protected her when she was getting bullied as a kid.

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