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Putting Things Off That May Make You Mad

2021-02-28, 10:38 p.m.

I got an email from Walgreens's today: "Hi Jennifer, Nothing's changed. We're just sending this as a reminder." I am grateful that the "Nothing's changed" is literally the first thing they said in that or I probably would have lost it. I bet people HAVE lost it and that's why they are doing it. Oh, and on related news, Mom forgot to tell me that she DID hear from RiteAid and her next appointment is on the 17th.

I did go outside for a bit and read later today. Weather is pretty nice-ish right now for winter.

Finally renewed my lease for next year. Looks like they...did not increase the rent at all? Did someone fuck up? Literally, it has gone up at least $60 a year since I moved in, but this year, nothing? I was not expecting that. I signed the darned thing before they noticed they fucked up :P Like, I know everyone's hurting because our vacancy rate in town went from 0.1 or whatever it usually is to 12%, but still! I would have assumed they raised it by a hundred or a few hundred or something with that shit. Unless the water/gas/whatever utilities they pay for didn't go up, I guess--one year they said that's why the rent goes up. Who knows, but I'm surprisingly pleased. I put off reading that shit for two weeks and ....yay?!

Collage Club today:
Meg on Sarah and a vanity: "You don't become less vain when you move out of the house." Sarah wasn't in today, she went to Maine.

Meg was in and out today because her friend Val (who I also know) was dropping by. Her husband died (aw man...I didn't know, I knew him too) and she went out of town for a while and dropped by Meg's house on the way back here. Val briefly came on camera to say hi, and Meg passed her my and Doreen's contact info. We shall see there.
Amusingly, Val has a little white dog, which she also brought into the house/on camera, and since Jade is talking about wanting a little white dog, we were all "That manifested!" about it.

Doreen has some packages lost, I told her both how to put in a report with USPS and to try St. Anthony for that sort of thing.

I was Ms. "Let Me Google That For You" for everybody:
(a) Tried to get Meg to commit to making a vaccine appointment (like, they would let her! They had tons in Capitola!) but she was all "Stephen will take care of it," sigh. She is unmotivated because she stays in all the time.
(b) Found a concert for Doreen.
(c) Jade wanted me to look around at where to get a Westie dog in Manchester since they are so locked down it needs to be in town. She also bought herself a GIANT stuffed dog...I think she is into those, I remember her old one that she left behind in Santa Cruz. And also we looked at podcast stuff since she wants to start one.

I actually had things to talk about since I did briefly have contact with him for a few days. Doreen is all "I want to see him!" and said she has an old quilt project she needs help with anyway, so....she might go in there. I will be deeply amused if she does it. I said she can say she heard about the place from me if she likes :P She wanted to go on Saturday and I was all "not the first Saturday, that's when all the people are in there." (Call it a hunch that's when she goes anyway, though? Just having that feeling.)

Maybe I can actually go hang out with her since she's 5 minutes a month and a half. Mom says she could bring my birthday gift in person.

You know when you're putting something off because you just know somehow it's gonna piss you off, and sure 'nuff, it does? I thought that was going to be my lease like usual and I have been putting off two things until today for that reason. (Hey, St. Genesius, didn't I ask about play manifestation?) Anyway, the Winters theater company did another show, which I was not asked to be in. I'm already feeling kinda snitty about that, but just also had a feeling I was going to get ticked off.

Well, sure 'nuff, not only am I left out of a thing and am snitty about that, Mr. "I Can't Do Plays Any More" is in it. Playing Romeo to Cameron's Juliet. As usual, he's excellent, know. God knows I could never live up to that.

To be fair, I probably didn't know 60% of the people in this show and I don't know how it came about (other than Linda/Germaine/Cameron put it together), but I'm still annoyed at not being asked.

Others in it:
* Robert, Janene, and Robert's friend Jessica (I assume that's the one anyway, I guess she got back from wherever she went last year?) doing Benedick and Beatrice. He did that role with her before, Janene's in it being Margaret.
* I didn't recognize Cody (has a beard now) and Laurel (longer hair), both of them actually playing serious for a change.
* I will note that Laurel's in two things, one of them being filmed in person, with hugging, singing about falling in love during Covid. Has she gotten a boyfriend now? I've heard from her once all year.
* Andrew who owns The Palms, who I didn't recognize either. Did he get more hair too?
God, literally I can't even recognize people any more. Ugh. Then again, I'm pretty unrecognizable to myself now too, I can't judge, with my shitty six inch roots from hell. Doreen had a haircut today and I felt jealous.

Anyway, I'm feeling ticked off and kinda like I want to go drive around and yell again. Like, why do I even bother with this shit?!

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