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Poetry Night

2019-03-29, 10:19 p.m.

I did end up seeing Meg on Thursday night, and that went well. Compared sweaters, talked about politics, watched them do imitations of the grandkids, laughed, talked a bit about my issues and her vacation, etc.

I gather she didn't QUITE clue in last week when I asked about visiting that I had Friday off (I don't think she was paying much attention when with grandchildren), as she was bummed to finally figure out what I meant by all of that. But too late, she's having someone visit whose mother just died on Friday.

That left me at a loss as to what to do today, sigh. I hate to waste my one day off all year that most people don't have off, but I pretty much did. Piddled around my house until 1:30, then walked around, went to the library and the bookstore and a few other places and didn't do much at any of them.

I did get some stuff done at home though, mostly banking-related. I think I have managed to successfully sign up for the National Storytelling Summit conference in July, but it only worked when I selected "pay all at once" rather than their promised installment plan, sigh. At least that way I got an e-mail receipt. The whole thing is going to cost just under a thousand dollars, which makes me choke, but since this is a one time thing for me (conference is nationwide and moves yearly), I will make the investment. Also, I managed to figure out that since (a) I haven't put too many things on my credit card with the biggest limit in months, combined with (b) I have $100 deposited in to the credit card account to make sure it's paid, and (c) if one goes into negative numbers of overpayment they eventually just move the money into a savings account.... basically, by the time they charge me I can have most of that whole thing paid off and then will definitely have the rest done by default by July. So that is pretty sweet.

I also wrote a poem, which is something I've been considering doing for a long time. I finally got it nailed down while reading it aloud at home, and performed it tonight at the Sacramento storytelling event. I think it went over pretty well.

I'm glad I had that event to and Loretta to go with tonight (Dawn is not having a happy time of life and decided not to go, though we will see her tomorrow to take a trip, more later) rather than sulking about the show that would not take me that runs this weekend. At least I got to perform.

It was kind of a small crowd tonight--maybe people were out of town. Heck, Mary went home sick halfway through and it ended early--I don't think she recruited too many people on her end for storytelling. That said, almost everyone was actually really good tonight (one guy was pretty much describing his experiences in a very lively manner but not actually having a plot). One guy talked about staying in Cuba where they had no toilet seats. He went to a fancy restaurant with toilet seats and decided to steal one to gift to his hostess, then ended up chickening out and hiding the seat when he thought cops were after him as he suspiciously read his newspaper upside down. Another guy did a good poem on storytelling and then told a crazy story involving his dad saying a very silly thing, him accidentally killing a duck by lying down on it, an outhouse, and thinking an area was haunted. Another guy talked about asking kids about what they learn. Some good stuff tonight.

I'm pretty proud of my poem, at least. I felt like I was doing slam poetry reading it.

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