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Early April Family Stuff

2013-04-07, 2:06 p.m.

I haven't updated for the last few weeks here. I should.

The last two weekends have had Mom up here again for family stuff--Easter last weekend and a baby shower this weekend. Amazingly enough, no drama explosions have occurred with regards to my aunt, Mom hasn't cried, none of that shit. She's been a little bitchy here and there, but overall, she stayed pretty sane. We didn't show up at their house for Easter until an hour and a half after the arrival time--as per usual with Mom, once a phone rings, there goes an hour--but that left for less time of "Wah, nobody's paying attention to me!," I guess. So, whew.

I had dental surgery this week and then got a mini-cold right after that. FUN TIMES. I was seriously devolving in my coherency at work on Friday and kept wishing that people would just stop asking me questions and leave me alone, which absolutely did not happen. Now I am "important" enough to constantly be asking questions of, which is....weird at best, confusing at worst when I have no idea. Sigh.

I have been attempting to find someone to go with me to LA in May. The answer to that question is no.

Mom started making "I don't wanna" noises at me a few weekends ago, both telling me that she was broke and that she wants to go to Alaska this summer with one of the Pats. Then last weekend she said she was also out of vacation time to boot. (I honestly have no idea if Mom is broke or not. It doesn't exactly stop her from shopping if she is, and she keeps buying up mini-weekend trips and crap like that anyway...I don't know.)

So I asked Jess, who was willing, but then she had various money-demanding other issues crop up immediately on her. So that is not happening either. It figures that I am going to have to go it alone or not at all. Between the money and the lack of people AND my boss being all ,"Well....I guess....but I'd rather you get back earlier than in a week if at all possible...." at me, I may just go for a couple of days and then be back here again in time for cat-sitting for 3 weeks to start.

I haven't booked anything/put down the money yet. That scares me. I am pondering hotels vs. hostels (eh....) vs. airb&b, but it's hard to search by location on the last one, so I'm kind of confused there. If I'm going alone and going to stay in the one area the whole time, I'd rather not worry about having to rent a car and just pick a good location within walking distance.

My going on this trip without Mom is, of course, going to mean that I do NOT spend the all mighty sacred and holy holiday of Mother's Day with my actual mother. Which means that I'll never hear the fucking end of how I ABANDONED HER ON MOTHER'S DAY, TWICE NOW. The first time was when I was a little kid and Dad got annoyed and took me out of the house for several hours. She has always blamed me for this just as much as him, even though hello, did I have control over this shit? No, I did not. She was bitching about this loudly and in my hearing as of Easter when she was on the phone. Gee, thanks.

When I had the inevitable ugly conversation about this trip, she gave me her "blessing" to go while screaming that she already had a worse Mother's Day, the year we BOTH ABANDONED HER. Which good as that topic is ever going to get. I will just have to pay the ugly price for life for going.

I fucking hope it's worth it if I go, because this is a lot of money and drama and bad timing to take a trip otherwise.

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