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2018-04-16, 9:33 p.m.

Well, we have a new guy on our so called "team" (which isn't since it's them against me). I wish him luck. I really do. However, given The Situation, I stayed quiet and turned down the suggestion of group meals because frankly, if most of them don't want me there it's just uncomfortable anyway. This made my boss sad (me too), but frankly, it ain't worth the drama.

I feel like this guy better stay on everyone else's good side, or else he gets treated like me. So...better to stay quiet, I think.

On a more fun note, here is an approximation of a conversation between me and my boss, in which he was telling me about having a sort of review with the Uber Big Boss/Acting Big Boss, in which my name came up in conversation apparently.

"Which one's Jennifer?"
"She's eccentric..."
"...Ohhhh, is she the one always reading a book?" (Yes) "I like her!"

I cracked up. He's the second coworker to actually call me that to my face. "Well, you are!" Heh. Now if we only added the word "millionaire" into that...

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