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2006-04-19, 1:29 p.m.

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You'd think that things were starting to go right for me.

My desk area got rebuilt at work yesterday- got a new nice keyboard tray instead of the nasty POS the desk came with, got a new filing cabinet, got a new paper filer doodah. I got retroactive back pay for over a year that came in today and got sent straight to savings. And the bank card finally came in. Yay for getting bills paid the night before they're due!

But oh, wait...this is ME we're talking about, right?

First, the bank card: it came in an entirely generic envelope that I honestly thought was Yet Another Credit Card Advertisement and nearly didn't open except for feeling it up to see if something was inside out of sheer desperation when checking the mail. I told this to Mom (i.e. She Who Worked In Banking For 20+ Years) and she was all, "OF COURSE THEY DO THAT! Didn't you KNOW they sent it in generic envelopes?"

Um, NO, because I'm not going to remember that when it happens once every 2 years. And every other damned card-related thing has come in bank-labeled envelopes. And I sure as fuck don't remember a generic envelope sending me a card two years ago.

Anyone already seeing how this story is going to end?

Yup, I was going through my pile o' bills to pay now that I had my card, and I found Yet Another Generic Envelope in the mail-to-be-trashed pile.

*smacks head against wall*

Second: work.

My computer at work has been a piece of shit since I got it. But it had been crashing less- only 3-4 times a day and didn't die when I went off to lunch. illy me, to think it was "getting better."

At 10 a.m. it crashed massively, again, and I had to call in two computer guys.

Apparently, there is a lot more wrong with it than just the internet dying. Something about the "policy" not working because the computer shifts back and forth between having a 2-bar wide start menu (which it is NOT supposed to have, I guess) and a 1-bar wide, and it shifts back and forth between whether or not it has a shut down button. AND on top of THAT, my entire login name is fucked up on the new computer system somehow. I think the head computer guy hates me, and with good reason, because I'm always the one with some freaky ass problem. (He keeps muttering about me downloading yet another virus. Um, dude, you're the one that sets up the firewalls and virus protecting stuff? And I'd like to say that I haven't gotten a virus at home for YEARS, thankyouverymuch.) He's saying stuff like "This'll be a weekend project to work on." *cry*

Plus, it's kind of creepy to know that thanks to MY personal system being buggered no matter what new system they stick me on, they're going to go through EVERY bookmark and picture and non-work-related document I have on there. Not that there's porn or anything bad on there, of course, and he really doesn't seem to give a damn anyway. But it is kinda like a random dude off the street being handed a key to my house and then being directed to paw through my underwear drawer and write down all of the contents.

I nearly got sent home because they couldn't get me any ability to work, except my login name still works on the one non-replaced old computer in my bit of the cube farm. At the time I was all, "What am I going to fill in on my absence sheet? Went home early due to reasons not my own fault?" What box do you check off for THAT? Forced vacation time?

So, note the irony: after getting a brand new computer and fixed-up ergonomically correct cube, I now am back to working on the old-but-NOT-POS extra computer in my cube area, with the old non-ergo mouse and non-ergo pull-out tray that I originally worked with back in 2002.

You hear God laughing too, don't you?

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