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Sister Mary Elephant

2019-04-25, 5:17 p.m.

I got asked over e-mail some weird question and BigBoss was cc’d on it. I then got in trouble and a 30-minute lecture from the 2nd-in-command (albeit a very nice one, mind you) for overstepping because I should have known to not respond to that even though I usually have to respond to every single e-mail and usually BigBoss doesn’t respond to anything I get sent. Sigh. I was just thinking, can I go home now? This is long, I feel bad, I get the point, I stepped on toes again, can I just leave? I’m so sick of accidentally stepping on toes here.

In other news, two coworkers are now out sick for at least several weeks apiece. Coincidentally, those two are their entire mini-department that do the most complicated shit here, so now we have to figure out how to do their super complicated workloads for weeks. Grrr, argh. I knew this kind of thing was going to happen someday--both of them tend to come down with long illnesses or their relatives do pretty frequently. I seem to recall even bringing this up to BigBoss as an issue like a year ago. So here we are. Sigh.

My boss went out and got everyone boba tea. It’s been a while since I drank any of that--I usually prefer to get rainbow jelly (the restaurant I wanted to go to yesterday used to serve it) or chocolate balls (in a restaurant that’s out of business), but what the hell. But no, I was not impressed. It’s a tasteless mushy bunch of slimeballs that looked like chocolate, but were not. Why the boba, who knows, not I.

I wasn’t at the CC for very long, but it turned out another volunteer at the CC has the same birthday as me! (Rachel, I hadn’t met her before but she was in tonight) and Olivia the manager’s birthday is tomorrow, so we were there for her impromptu party and cake. Lots of cake.

Rehearsal recap: Linda thinks we are playing our roles well (at least, I forget how she phrased it but it was VERY nice), but “directing you is like directing Animal House.” She’s losing her voice and doesn’t like the idea of using a whistle (sigh).

She said that when she first saw this show somewhere else (Boston, I think), her 11-year-old son got in a fight with Grandma Nunzio. “I don’t know how she got her pantyhose off or why,” but they somehow fought over pantyhose.

So apparently our lighting and sound technician is deaf. I asked for clarification on this one and I guess he’s not like 100% deaf but just doesn’t hear well.

Cast member quotes:
“Improv is rehearsed spontaneity.” -That70’sScott.
“Hopefully there’s NOT going to be a doctor in the house!” --Nancy, playing Grandma Nunzio, who at one point has to fall down.

Our new Marina came for the first time tonight and had to give her biography--basically, she’s tighter with Mrs. V than she is with the bride.

We then learned how to do the tarantella.

We rehearsed the “snowball” bit and I asked if anyone else had heard of this. Linda admitted, “I’ve never had anyone invite me to snowball.” Jean was all, “I’m balling it.”

Jean said she wants to wear Laurel’s pregnancy pillow all the time.

Tony and his mother-in-law danced super crazy and it was great.

The first dance so far is starting out with “Thinking Out Loud,” followed by “Push It.”

At one point I was told (by Yarn Empire Scott) that I was channeling “Sister Mary Elephant” by yelling loud enough to fill the entire dance hall. Well, that’s my job with no mike here!

Linda ordered some maternity bridesmaid’s dresses online and the ladies tried them on tonight. They’re navy blue dresses with big pink cabbage roses on them. They were...deemed okay, ish, I guess, but nobody seemed too enthused there.

Since we didn’t get to birthdayness yesterday, Yarn Empire Scott got everyone to sing me a happy birthday. D’awwww. A few other folks in the cast also have birthdays coming up (Jean, I think Nancy just had one) too.

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