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Avengers: Infinity War

2018-04-28, 9:51 p.m.

So I saw Avengers, Infinity War. There's a link roundup here, but here's some other thoughts. Yes, I'm spoiling, deal with it.

Tra la, this is all the spoiler space you get.

So going into this movie, I pretty much knew the following:
(a) it's a two part story, which means that
(b) despite the efforts of however many superheroes trying to stop the stones from being gathered, Thanos is going to win and catch them all
(c) and therefore a lot of folks are going to die, though I did not know specifically that he had a thing for killing 50% of all populations.

So, again, going in I knew it wasn't going to be An Upper. I debated not going or at least waiting around until right before the second half (currently nameless, so I'm just gonna call it Avengers: Half Of Everybody's Dead, Dave), but in the end it's just easier to hang out with the geeks if you know what's going on, and I had a free day today, so what the hell, at least it's easier to chat with my boss come Monday morning.

And yeah, that's how the movie went. I will say that despite knowing all along they're gonna lose, I had fun, there's funny lines and goofy things still and enjoyment and interesting developments, even if in the end everyone loses. Really, by the time Thanos has the reality and the time stones, there's literally nothing anyone can do to stop him because he can turn your gun into a bubble gun and even if you kill your boyfriend to destroy a stone, he can just run back time and do it himself. Which does make you wonder how the fuck anyone's gonna do anything in movie 2.

However, as some of the links I read pointed out: once certain people die, and by that I mean "folks who have movies coming out in the future, not the guys who keep complaining that they want out of their Marvel contracts like I expected," it pretty much indicates that they're gonna try to hit some undo gauntlet/button or do some time travel or something so this won't be as bad as it seems. So I didn't get too upset.

Thanos reminds me of reading the Illuminae Trilogy books, where there's a mad artificial intelligence that at times will realize that sometimes folks just have to die so that others can live. Like Thanos, in the third book AIDAN (the AI) realizes that the ship can't support all the lives on it to get to where they're going in time, so it takes matters into its own hands. Everyone hates/resents/is mad at AIDAN for pulling a Thanos, but nobody wants to acknowledge that he had a point. I don't think this is the same situation here, obviously (because not every planet can be having the same issues Titan did yet, also none of his fucking business), but AIDAN also more or less embraces having to be the bad guy, and says frequently, "Am I not merciful?" In a way. But still, not approving of what Thanos did since I don't think it was necessary and it's not like anyone was running out of oxygen here.

Anyway, now we wait another year to see how they're gonna get out of this one. And/or if they resurrect anyone who died before the gauntlet went off.

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