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Cinco de Mayan?

2013-05-05, 12:31 p.m.

The weekend was good. Mom and M's wife both liked their glass fusing class--the latter in particular was quite psyched to be here and doing things. I am glad she showed up and was happy and enjoying things. I am not sure on Mom, but she did make some things, and even made an island plate that is in the process of being in the kiln now. One of the CC managers was taking the same class and said that Mom had been being perfectionistic. I was all, well, she's been nitpicking me all weekend!

Saturday afternoon was the infamous Now We're Finally Allowed To See The Baby Day. I find my aunt and uncle's behavior about the whole thing to be kind of amusing. We went over to my cousin's house and they were all, "Screw asking them for permission, sheesh" (but nicer) about it. They also said that SOMEHOW her parents have been over there like every single day. Sure 'nuff, they showed up about a half hour after we got there. Afterwards, Mom was all, "did they even say hi to us?" I was all, of course not, they beelined for the baby. Duh! Though my aunt actually smiled for a change, which was nice.

The total of family birthdays in April are now up to SEVEN--three on our side and four on my uncle's, according to my aunt who is very tired of buying presents. I find this amusing. My female relatives were all, "Yeah, we plan pregnancies like that to skip the summer." (I don't think it's so planned as that.)

As for the baby: well, it is a baby, all right. Still pretty small and not up to doing much. I look forward to him getting bigger. and more lively. I did get really amused at the little smirk that showed up on his face at one point (otherwise he was pretty deadpan) when I was commenting on how his lobster socks matched his lobster shirt. Okay, so it's not like he got that in context, but it looked like he did and that amused me. He peed on Mom, but not on me, hah. The dog seemed like she needed a little more attention than usual. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that when my aunt and uncle came in, they also brought THEIR dogs, and Rowdy Dog Time ensued, with one of them licking the baby's pacifier.

I just finished reading David Sedaris's "Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls" and the funniest essay in it (besides the colonoscopy, which I've already mentioned around here) is about how China is just covered in bodily fluids all the time everywhere. (Worse than my high school.*) I asked my uncle if this was true since they all went to China last year or so, and he said yes, it was pretty disgusting even when you used an actual bathroom. And "don't eat the rice in China, they throw EVERYTHING in there." I think this family of world travelers is too polite to diss a country, but this is as close as I've ever heard them do so. "China has a lot of problems." He also said nobody was very friendly and he preferred Vietnam and Malaysia. I then had a moment of horror, thinking of how many Chinese folks move to this town. Does someone tell them to ah, use the actual facilities for such things before they arrive in America? Well, obviously, I don't see anybody who's Asian spitting all over town* or worse, so I guess someone does! My uncle was all, "Hey, they gave me a rundown when I was an exchange student, so probably."

* In my hometown, this was pretty much the white cowboys who pulled that shit. Happily, where I live now, you don't see any of this going on.

On Sunday after the folks finished their craft class, I took them by the monthly craft fair. My friend Monica works a kids' craft booth there and does a new fun thing every month. This month's was ah...Mayan stuff....apparently the organizer is convinced that Cinco de Mayo is about the Mayans. Ooookay then.

But while we were discussing the upcoming trip, she said I should make a plan and then deviate from the plan so as to put some spontaneity in it. I should do seemed so out of character for that to come out of her mouth that I suppose I should pay attention!

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