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Poisoning Pigeons In The Park

2019-05-07, 10:14 p.m.

I found out today that Wedding Singer Sarah has indeed dropped out of the show. I can’t say I’m 100% shocked or that I blame her under the circumstances (well, if you don’t go to rehearsals, you do get kind of...forgotten), but I am sad that presumably I may never see her again and she hasn’t responded to texts. SIGH. Hugh SIGH. The piano player has been dubbed the new Celeste.

Once upon a time in the Dark Ages, I used to get this psychic “ping” about whether or not a guy would be romantically interested in me and I would be romantically interested in him. That always turned out to be accurate. On the other hand, I’ve had two “ping”-type feelings (slightly different feel but same general idea) about potential friendships with both WS Sarah and the professor, and both of those have bailed VERY quickly afterwards. This makes me sad.

Quotes from the cast and crew:

“I can’t work like this.” “Tell me about it.” -That70’sScott and Linda
At some point someone said “Harvey Tequila” instead of “Hava Negila.” There was also “Hava Negilligan’s Island.”
“It’s not quite as fluorescent as I thought.” -Bridesmaid Sarah on the dress
“Great Scott and Scott the Great”-- how That70’sScott distinguishes between the two Scotts.
“He’s not Scott Free, he’s Scott Inexpensive.” --also That70’sScott
“Why don’t Johnny and Joey hook up?” -me, thinking that was a lost opportunity in the show
“Do you know the Macarena by any change HE DOOOOOOOOOOES!” -Linda on Briain
“Uncle Lui has died.” -Linda
Linda on the Hava Negila dance: “If you’ve ever been to a wedding where everybody does this, nobody ever does it right.”
Jean is *not* delighted at having to do play-bullfighting. “I think we should bullfight through the tables.”
“If they feel awkward enough, they will go back to their tables.” -Heidi on how the audience will handle jumping in for dancing.
Mark and Robert re-enacted Titanic on the table. Sarah was all, “There’s enough table for both of you!” Mark said, “Me and my big-ass diamond are going to miss you.”
While debating whether or not to have the Vitales (3-4 people usually sitting at their table) and the Nunzios (3 people at theirs) sit at the same table, I argued against it because “Here we got packs. We got gangs.”
“I feel like I should do a little foreshadowing about how I won’t get between Vinnie and a microphone.” --me on the Vinnie/Michael fight. Michael then proceeded to get between Vinnie and a microphone.
“I think Maddy should kick his (Nunzio’s) ass.” -me since her boyfriend is creeping all over Mrs. V.
“Poor Tina, having a bad wedding.” -Me
“Can I do “Big Spender” once?” “No.” -That70’sScott and Linda.
Sarah told me a story about her worst interview for a college job, in which she said something like, “At least this isn’t the financial aid office, that would make my soul die.” The woman turned very frosty and said, “We work VERY CLOSELY with financial aid.” “I’ll see myself out.”

Other observations:

Mark is very good at the cossack dance. I do not think it is Valentin’s thing in life. He also hurt himself during his floor slide but seems to be okay now?
We celebrated Jean’s birthday (actually was yesterday but she was out sick) today and That70’sScott showed her a video he made to show people on their birthdays.
Pam, watching most of this multi-action stuff, thinks this is too chaotic to get what is going on at the back. I agreed with this.
Vinnie had me get up and spin around while he was talking. I pointed out that I own the Colisseum, and that quieted him down.
Mrs. V is doing some operatic acting. All the groomsmen got down on their knees after her song.
Since Nunzio wasn’t here, I acted out the “bull” in the bullfight routine with Mrs. V. It was amusing.
Barry and Michael slow-danced in the back.
Tina is the fun police, except when she is doing shots of her own.
Heidi is wearing an “always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn” shirt. I like.
I ended up explaining Beyonce to Vinnie and told him he’d like it.
During the “Crazy in Love” dance number (which Joey is supposed to have choreographed), Brian jumped in with no rehearsal and did a great job. The bridesmaids have now been dubbed the “Queen Bees” rather than the “Snake Girls” in the script.

Quotes in character:
“I have met my son, briefly...” -Mrs. V
“You show me a couple who doesn’t fight and I’ll show you a couple who will end up in a mall with an Uzi.” -Vinnie
“Everybody in the bridal party is ignoring me. Except Grandma Nunzio, she loves it.” -Vinnie
(As Josie/Mrs. V is singing) “This is the worst part of the show.” (pantomimes wrist-slitting) “Maddy wants no part of this.” -Maddy
“I like the in and out part.” -Josie, very enthused
“Now my uncle Lui is dead so I haven’t been practicing with him...” -Josie
“Your new mom is a nice singer.” -Barry to Tony
Actual lines in the show: “What would you do if I said to you, Beyonce?” “Shut up!” --Vinnie and Tina
“I can say asshole.” -Tina

I ended up bringing Bridesmaid Sarah along with me to karaoke for an hour, so I lost one Sarah and picked up another, I guess. I was hoping WS Sarah would show up at karaoke even if she’s dropped out, but she did not.

We did end up with more people coming, including Brian/New Joey, Valentin (who had a fun night (a) accidentally breaking a glass, (b) chugging a huge glass of booze in like the blink of an eye, and then (c) Yarn Empire Scott and I offering to drive him somewhere, which he declined), Heidi (who did less calculus tonight), Robert, some other people from the Winters theater community who were already hanging in the bar and really liked my wardrobe, and this one....bro-type guy that somebody knew that made me rather shocked at his bro-ness. Like yelling out, “My sisters are cunts!” I was just sitting there going, who is this guy and why are you hanging out with him, GEEZ.

Bridesmaid Sarah sang “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park” (it was either that or Cabaret), something that Matthew the Pyrate (guy who runs the karaoke) said nobody had requested in 12 years. She performed it AMAZINGLY and acted it out and it was a delight. Meanwhile, I sang “Misery” and was told afterwards that “I sing with such passion!” If only I had the voice to back that up. Anyway, I left earlier because Bridesmaid Sarah needed to go home earlier, so I suppose that is good. One more karaoke week to go...

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