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2018-05-15, 8:54 p.m.

At work, the folks I share an office with and I (can’t call ‘em officemates, can I?) have all been getting along of late because of doing interviews for a new assistant, as mine/ours got transferred into another department because they were deemed to be in more need than me. Hell, one of the coworkers actually smiled at me twice in a meeting and I was thinking “what the heck is wrong here?” I did get kind of annoyed when they decided to do the group discussion of the candidates when I wasn’t there, but...I absolutely expected they would do that so I was unshocked. I did sorta get an apology for it at least, but...whatever. I don't have the energy for this shit no more.

We’re all pretty well agreed, more or less, on the candidates though. I am a bit bummed on a few things: namely that Candidate A really wants to do something that their level of employee is forbidden from doing (I would love to hire them for it, but we wouldn’t be able to at this juncture, the assistant is limited in their access) and Candidate B, who was my favorite for some personal reasons (they reminded me of me) and a very sharp cookie in their own right, kinda took themselves out of the running for saying they were REALLY into working in teams and doesn’t do well working alone without someone to talk to. Since everyone is pretty much working on their own here...ouch. Darn it. Though I will say this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone say they do better working in groups because otherwise they drift off. Literally every group project I had to do in my life always devolved into chatting and never doing anything. Beats me how they pull that off. Anyway, the other three were leaning more towards A and even I couldn’t argue with the group thing, so...there you go. Either way, whoever gets hired may have an issue with the job not being what they want though. Sigh.

I guess it was a bit of foreshadowing when B asked about teamwork and well... let’s just say my coworkers did an excellent job of answering that one so that we sounded normal. Amazing.

Anyway...we have a unit meeting on Thursday, god help us all. I fear the Teambuilding Begins then....

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