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2008-05-29, 4:02 p.m.

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So, my shrink thinks I need to go out and do new things.

Fine, here comes the catalogs:

* Juggling 101. I already know how to do the bare minimum of juggling, so this could work, and the timing and price is right. Course description promises "from learning how to juggle a three ball cascade to executing seven ball 360's." I don't know what that is, but that sounds hardcore for...well, four weeks in July. Hmmm.

* Active Meditation. Also the timing's right, though it's more expensive. Tuesdays in August. This is in the "should probably do" category for me rather than social fun or whatever.

* In the "hey, back to that martial arts thing" again, the only class I can go to- well, at least there's one I COULD go to- is "lunchtime tai chi." Does run twice a week, but fuck, even I can make 40 minutes of that during lunches. Though I am not exactly uh, that interested in tai chi, and a noob in the whole thing to boot. I dunno about this.

My dance teacher has now started his own studio. Irritatingly, the class now is going to run three days a week (MWF)...which I am not hot for. Even if I didn't have anything going on Wednesdays, I don't really want to commit to anything more than once a week. I still like his teaching, but...ergh. I really don't want to repeat the same thing more than once a week.

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