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2003-06-02, 5:51 p.m.

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News updates:

* Dave continues to read this journal, and has er, made comments about people I dated along the way :P At this point he seems to be up past where we met and is all happy and schmoopy.

* Much to my disappointment, there are no ASL classes offered for the summer at UCD, and Sac City classes continue to be offered during work hours during both summer and fall. I will have to work on it on my own, I guess, and we all know how that goes *sigh* I tried proposing doing group dinners where people talked in ASL (Kevin volunteered to bring people), but of course, this being Davis, nobody else was interested. Most of the class is probably going home for the summer anyway, except for me and the baby's mom, and I assume she's too busy for that sort of thing since she has a kid and works in the medical profession.

* Hill is looking more and more like she'll be moving to the East Coast fairly soon. She's interviewing for a camp job there and is up to the fourth stage in the process. Flying visit/interview to come. Eep. She's all excited. On the one hand, I'm happy for her, on the other hand, it's like well, there goes another one.

I don't much like discussing the future these days. It depresses me.

* I may be working for pay on a sewing project- Hill's dad has a boat and wants custom bottom sheets made for it (it's kinda U-shaped from what I hear). Honestly, I have NO idea how to make something like this or if it's possible, but who else would you ask? Hill is working on having me go onto the boat for a bit before going to Dave's one weekend this month to see in person.

* Haven't done squat on the roommate search front as usual. Dave suggested I use my DSL free webspace for this (sweetdisorder would probably scare someone off), but I can't figure out how to access it. I feel dumb. Oh well, I've already delayed so long on this I probably wouldn't be able to find anybody by now anyway.

I am actually feeling phobic about it at this point, and the idea of doing something about it makes me want to run and hide. Which is stupid, I know.

* I received half of my CafePress 3WA merchandise today- the half with Dave's stuff, my 3WA bear and panties. I can't wait to hand that stuff over and get the rest of my own. I am wondering, though, how come both orders got shipped on the same day, a half hour apart, and the later order showed up first!

That should mean that I get my tank top and stuff tomorrow, right? Something to look forward to!

I asked Hill if she could use her webcam and take a picture of me with my 3WA bears in bed (when I have them both) having some three way action. I think I scared her.

* I think I've found a rude-yet-interesting quote for this page: "Any writer who claims readers would be interested in "the real me" is dumber than a cinderblock."- Ihsan Amanatullah.

* Thanks to the lovely Emily, I now have my new booklog up and running, even if I have yet to do any reviews in it yet. The weblog also now has category listings. She rocks.

* I updated the livejournal today with some thoughts: how I should start a tarot journal like the one I found, Murphy's Law and my bad clothing choices, and, well, I want your bongos and sex pootie. Profound, eh?

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