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2005-06-08, 1:03 p.m.

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So, there's this odd "astrological poetry" (for lack of a better word) page I read every day or so. The fellow seems to be commenting on whatever astrological aspects are going on in the world in poetical form. Some days he does better than others, but I've gotten into the habit of posting the good ones on the blog, just to save them. (Note: the page changes daily, so nothing's permalinked.)

Anyway, I wanted to share with y'all the stuff he posted from the last three days. (And if he keeps posting anything else good, I may come back and add it in here post-today.)

by all means
accept the proposal
in good faith
with joy and hope for a prosperous and successful outcome
take the job
go on the date
give it a shot
why the hell not
Jupiter's direct
you must try to remember
after your third cup of espresso
that jupiter is also conjoining the south node
which means
that everything comes with baggage
everyone who walks into your life
has a past
and an agenda
and something they think you're going to be able to give them
that will save them from their own behavior
and while it's definitely a time to believe
in the future
and give it a whirl
you also have to know that by August
when Jupiter reaches the node
you can expect that baggage to arrive
some people call it a
Witch's Curse
but it's really just
facing the reality of relationships
your deception and theirs
but that's far in the future
at the moment
sing and dance at the wedding

it probably has to be spelled out for some people
the ring represents the wish
the need
the yearning to be wanted, cared for, valued
and so there's a very split off thing going on
part of you is trying to be loyal to a situation
that is either boring or on the verge of ending
while at the same time
courting new possibilities
could be in biz
most likely personal
so there you are
on the one hand
zooming around
making contacts
expanding and making plans
conversations and promises
it's definitely an up feeling
while something else is pulling at you
like a body at the bottom of the bay
as sweet as a young girl's dreams of romance
while a gloomy cynical set of parents
sits on the porch and waits
for her to get into trouble
this is the jupiter node saturn new moon
and it touches world politics in the same way
but you have to be able to
extrapolate just how

The New Moon in Gemini
kicks off big time now that the
moon has become visible
and it speeds everything up
and presents you with options
you may not be able to act on right now
but shows you that there are other ways
you can live
and that you are not locked in to the situations
you think are confining you
there's a whole new bright future out there
and yet
there are domestic, family, or personal
that cannot be avoided or escaped
in fact you're clinging to them
even while you contemplate
your notions of flight
it's just that the new moon
you guessed it
further issues
of triangulation
we will discuss
next week

for those of you who received the pacifiers
it's not that the Universe is throwing a big pail of water
on your plans to take a leap forward in your life
it sometimes seems that way, though
as if you are all gassed up
top down
ready to zoom onto the freeway
and you have to sit there in the heat
and wait for your
107 year old grandmother
to hobble over to the car
because you can't leave without her
there is still some old business
to deal with
the kind of business
that makes you want to
stay in bed and forget the whole thing
it's only a matter of a few weeks
but at the moment
mars at the end of pisces
and the moon approaching a conjunction to Saturn
puts the whole process into an agonizing slow motion don't hurry
once the worm turns
it will turn forever

Ah, yes, the parental issues always rear their ugly head when it comes to the rest of my life.

I do feel "something pulling at me like a body at the bottom of the bay" (ew on the imagery, btw), somehow. Much as I hate to admit it, it's the old urge to go refrigerator shopping. Not in any kind of "I'm horny" way, but more in an intellectual sense. Which is nice because I don't have THAT going on, but the intellectual curiosity about refrigerators coming back annoys me.

And for the record, as far as I know, nobody's interested in me these days, beyond the dude who was trying to pick me up at Robotmedia last weekend that I fled from. So sue me if I'm female and sitting at an event alone, that doesn't mean I want to acquire someone!

I still don't want to go jumping in and taking chances on anyone, though. I am not at all interested in dealing with someone else's emotional baggage or trying to save someone. If the dude can't save himself without my help, I am not going there.

And the triangulation? Yeah, I can figure out what that means- the old "You like him/them better than meeeeeee!" pushmepullyou crap. Ugh! Just what I don't want. And I'm so bloody tired of "The right guy won't do that/have those problems/whatever" bullshit being handed to me. Everyone's got baggage that gets handed to their SO upon hooking up- that's "the reality of relationships", all right. I probably have enough baggage that I shouldn't be judging other people's.

And that "bright future?" That's after Dad dies. Not now. (Ugh, really depressing thought.) I can't fly away from that. I don't really want to haul that along with me while I fly off to meet a bunch of men or something.

I wonder if I'm in denial here, or what.

Someone told me the other day that I deserve my own life and that I deserve to be happy with a guy without having my parents strangle the life out of me. And that I should be open to possibilities, even if it's only a Mr. Right Now situation.

Yeah, well... deserve doesn't have much to do with what you get. And to be honest, I don't get the point of "Mr. Right Now's" coming in and walking out too much.

I think it's a good thing that school's about to end, and for a few weeks the campus will be deader than dead. No distractions about to lead me into having stupid thoughts that do me no good.

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